Discount time question

What day does the discount for the Lifetime account become available again?


Usually in the middle of December. I think last year it was something like the 18th?


2022: ???
2021: Mon, Dec 20th
2020: Wed, Dec 16th
2019: Wed, Dec 18th
2018: Tue, Dec 18th
2017: Mon, Dec 18th


So, around the 15th to the 25th?

(Very wide estimation)

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All I know is that I’d promote whoever came up with the plan originally. Real win-wins are rare in business.

I suspect it’s at least sligtly better on average for WK, but I’m unsure and I don’t begrudge them a dime. If you plan to stick with it, it’s a steal.

It’s probably more motivational for those on monthly or annual plans to keep reviewing daily, but who knows? Then again, once one pays for “lifetime” you become more invested in learning rather than speed.

There is an interesting calculus between subscriptions and purchase, and WK seems to understand it perfectly. I’m truly impressed.

Regardless, I didn’t bat an eye when I pulled the trigger. I’ll “finish” at right around three years ($267 at annual rates) but will almost certainly stick around longer than that. I win! And so do they!

They’ll be pariahs if they ever eliminate the annual discount for lifetime rates. B’rer うさぎ comes to mind.

Seriously: this is one of the best pricing programs I’ve ever seen in any industry. Kudos to the team.


How much is the discount usually?

If it’s 50% it would take me just under 3 years to break even as I’m currently paying $4.50 on the 50% monthly discount they offered last year.

Not sure whether to go for monthly/annually/lifetime if they offer discounts on all of them this year. :confused:

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Usually it’s $100 off lifetime, no discount on monthly or annual.


Ahh okay, it must have been a one off doing monthly/annually discounts last year then. I guess if they don’t do it this time around I’ll probably bite the bullet and go lifetime.

Surely I’ll be using this service for longer than 3 years in the long run…


I plan to use it until I die.

Or at least the forums part…

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is there discount for one year subscription? Mine expires in february, could I pay advanced if I get a discount?

I think there was a code for it to be like 15% off…I forgot what it was though.

I thought so, I got 50% off monthly last year and I could have sworn there was 50% off annual also.

I emailed WK yesterday and they said an official announcement of upcoming mid-december discounts are going to be made shortly.

If they discount annual I will definitely get it, lifetime is too expensive for me to pay all right now as I may no longer need WK by the time it has paid for itself.

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