Payment/credit question -- Please help

Sooo. For my birthday, my mom offered to give me $100 to pay for the yearly WaniKani subscription. Which is great, except I got overexcited and switched before I cashed the check. Then my anxiety kicked in (what if something’s wrong with the check? What if my bank account inexplicably crashes? What if I don’t remember to switch back to monthly if I’m not making enough money to pay the yearly charge at this time next year and go bankrupt on my birthday?) and I decided to switch back to monthly until I could cash the check.

Yes. I have problems. I know.

However, I didn’t get any sort of confirmation email about this. Instead, a “credit” section popped up on the subscription page, where it says I have -$80 in credit. (Negative 80 dollars? What does that mean?)

Because I was halfway through the paid month, I was only charged $83.59 when I made the switch. But since I only had yearly for all of thirty seconds, where did that $3.59 go? Furthermore, was I charged $9 for the month again? I don’t know. I didn’t get any sort of email. Has my anxiety lost me $5-10? Or has it lost me the full $83.59? Will I end up paying more than I should when I switch back to yearly? Will I have to explain to my mom that my anxiety doubled the cost of the payment??

Please help a poor anxious bean out :sob: this is stressing me out more than it should

(I am also disappointed because I hadn’t before noticed that there’s not a difference in color between the “monthly” and “yearly” on the forums :sob: Or is there? Is it yellow? Or am I making that up???)

Send an e-mail to and explain the situation, they will fix it.

They’re both blue, lifetime is purple and level 60 are yellow.

As dianarz said, email them and they will help you out. They are very nice like that. :slight_smile:

It’s gold. Pssh.


Kind of a banana, really. Or daffodil.

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