Struggling with vocabulary

Hi. Long time since i last posted a post here. But i have got a bit of problem with vocabulary. Most often when i am reading now. What holds me back from understanding sentences are as follow: 5% kanji(either haven’t learnt yet in wanikani, or not in wanikani). 20% misunderstanding a kanji or a word(not too worried about this, as it is easy to clear it after reading it multiple times or looking it up). 75% rest are vocabulary related issues. I don’t think i have the will power to add another Srs for vocabulary. However it is the most thing holding me back(from reading that it is, my listening skill is nonexistent but that is another question)

What is the best way in your opinion to tackle this. I am currently doing nothing but looking up the word try understand it in the context then move on…


Well, you can keep doing what you’re doing, and eventually you’ll start to remember the words. I spent a long time “just reading” and not doing any systematic vocab study, so if you’re fed up with SRS that’s one way to go.

If you want to try to go faster then I think SRS is the most effective – I would say that if you only SRS one thing it probably ought to be vocab, ideally vocab focused on what you’re reading.

Whatever you do it’s a long haul, though – there is just an absolute ton of vocab and it takes years to gradually acquire it.