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Specifically for anyone who has reached upwards of N3/N2, how many SRS do you try to maintain (other than wanikani)? I’ve been watching the Curedolly videos and she says using anki etc. to practice big lists isn’t exactly the best way to learn vocabulary. However, I’ve been checking out torii and kitsun and it seems like it could be useful long term.

I’m taking a first year course covering Genki I and keeping up with wanikani and bunpro right now. Would adding in a vocab SRS right now be the best use of my study time or should I focus on something else?


It’s very individual. I have trouble keeping up with more than one or two SRS systems at a time. Others (*cough* @jprspereira *cough*) can do like 20 at once.

I did iKnow for vocab during early stages of WaniKani and grammar. Hard to say whether it was worth it to be honest. At some point it’s better to spend your time reading, but you should at least finish Genki I before bothering in my opinion.


I’m using Bunpro, Wanikani, and iKnow right now and it’s not too bad. Wanikani is what I put the most time into. I’m using Bunpro with Genki just to reinforce grammar, and iKnow is for vocabulary. I only do SRS stuff on my phone so it doesn’t cut too much into my dedicated Japanese time (except for Wanikani which I prefer doing on the computer. iKnow for me is mostly just to get some kind of exposure to vocab rather than using it to completely memorize words. I honestly don’t even follow the SRS schedule for that one much because I just whip it out once or twice a day since it’s on my phone.


Gotta SRS them all!

Since you’re using Genki, it could be interesting to SRS the vocab that Genki uses because you’ll see those words in context throughout your grammar studies. If anything, it might make it easier for you to go through it since you’ll know the vocab.

Since you mentioned Kitsun, there’s a Genki deck for it there made by our lovely @hinekidori and it’s very well done.


Before you getting done with Genki II (N4 level), I wouldn’t worry so much on learning big amounts of vocab extra WK. Around N3, vocab becomes the main focus over grammar (imo). So Genki deck will suffice you.

I’d advise choosing 1 platform from these 3 tbh. To me, having many SRS platforms stresses me out.


I’m using only wanikani as SRS and it’s the basis of my Japanese studies. In addition I watch many videos on youtube, try to read, and sometimes I actively study grammar from textbooks, or practice writing a diary in Japanese.

My point is that since WK has been my basis for studying I never really got around to using another SRS website/app. I tried bunpro and anki but in the end didn’t stick with them

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Wanikani is definitely my primary learning tool and takes up most of my study time. I’m learning grammar using Human Japanese on iPad (halfway through Intermediate) and SRSing a couple decks of vocabulary words from HJ on Memrise. I don’t really love Memrise, but it’s free and allows for shared mnemonics, and it’s easier to use than Anki which makes no sense to me at all. I think I’ll wait until I finish Human Japanese before SRSing the grammar points on Bunpro since what I’m doing now is eating up 3-4 hours per day already.

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I think if you do decide to do srs vocab to use something like core 10k or nayr’s 5k because it has vocabulary in context using sentences. That way you can read normal sentences, practice reading and reinforce grammar and learn new vocab. Take it easy though… Bunpro + Wanikani + a course is already a lot, don’t burn yourself out. If you have lots of extra time you can always take it slow with Anki though, can change the settings to suit your speed. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for all the great suggestions!
@jprspereira I like the idea of the kitsun Genki deck while I’m working through my courses right now

Also interesting to hear that the focus switches to vocabulary later on. I have a real problem right now with too much unusable vocabulary and not near enough grammar. Something to look forward too haha

Thanks again everyone

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Just wanted to thank you again for the suggestion a few weeks ago. I’ve been crushing the Genki vocab deck on Kitsun, and it has made the Genki chapters significantly easier to push through. By keeping about a lesson or 2 ahead, I know all the upcoming vocab and just need to plug in the new grammar as I go through.
Big thanks - this has helped me way more than I imagined


Hey, very happy that it’s working that well :muscle::heart:

Let us know when that Genki gets dominated :grin:


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