Struggling with On’yomi and Kun’yomi

Im struggling to remember which vocabulary uses which reading. Im only on level 1 and cant even tell the difference !

One example is 大した which uses on’yomi and the similar 大きい that uses the Kun’yomi. Im struggling to remember which to choose which means ive been on level 1 10 days now with no progress the last couple of days. Any advice on how I can get around this?

Im trying a different technique to remember but its not that great.

thanks a lot!

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You’ll just get used to it over time. There’s not much benefit as a beginner to expending much energy on it.

Knowing the difference is important for guessing on words you’ve never seen before, which is something in that is more likely to happen when you read harder things as an intermediate or advanced learner.


would you just recommend trying different mnemonics in order to get around this? or is there something else I can do

I would just say don’t think about which is onyomi and which is kunyomi until you feel more comfortable with learning new readings.


By the way, that vocab is not what is keeping you on level 1. Vocab don’t count towards level progression. Did you do all your lessons? Are there kanji you’re struggling with?

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