Remembering Kun'yomi/On'yomi

I’m fine with remembering both, but I wonder if it’s important for me whether to remember if the pronunciation I learn is kun’yomi/on’yomi. Is it truly this difficult??

Don’t worry, it’s a common thing to struggle with when you’re just starting out. You’ll find it’s easier to remember which is which by level 5 and by level 10 you should have it down. You’ll still get a few wrong occasionally but it’s not as bad as it feels right now. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I think you should pay attention to which reading they provide. Most of the time kanji cards provide on’yomi but occasionally it’s kun’yomi (perhaps because it’s more commonly used).

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So WK’s kanji are usually O’Y by default, but they may be K’Y at times? (Obviously, WK would tell me which is which.) And I should just trust WK with giving me the proper readings when necessary? I guess that as a new learner this seems daunting and un-intuitive, but I’m hoping it makes sense soon.

Yeah, the reading page says which reading it is.

Since kanji often have several readings they will be taught through vocab. So instead of pre-learning all the readings you learn the main reading with kanji and other readings with vocab.

One-kanji words often use kun’yomi, while compound words use on’yomi. So you’ll get a sense of which reading to use soon enough.

It’s helpful to know.
It’s also not worth fretting over at first.


Like everybody else said, it is helpful to know which reading it is. Makes it easier to predict readings of jukugo (kanji compounds) especially, since those usually use on’yomi. But you will develop a sense of when a reading is on’yomi. Pay attention to it, but don’t spend too much time on it, is what I think.


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