Strange furigana thread

Consume enough informal native material and you’ll be sure to run into some ふりがな that’s… not exactly… accurate.

I thought it’d be fun to have a thread to share pictures of these whenever we come across them.

An author can choose to indicate the wrong reading for many reasons, for example, to reveal a character’s nationality (I think アエロフロート is from russian; source unknown, sorry; a native friend sent it to me):

Or to give native-friendly definitions to loanword terminology (this from netrunner):

In manga, it gets a bit more absurd (日常 here; btw the real reading is みろくぼさつ):


But the real crown of my collection so far is from this song, which you might need some ふりぶりがな for…

Let me see yours!


Personally, I love how Negima has spells in kanji with the furigana as katakana-ised Latin. Sadly, I’m having trouble finding a legible image of this online…

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Bleach does that too with attacks. E.g. all the Arankar have attacks named in Spanish, the kanji just being there to explain what it does :roll_eyes:

Aeroflot is a Russian airline, not regarded as a luxury carrier…


I’m going through Fruits Basket rn, and i’m loving how furigana is being used to show double-meanings.



I’ve seen my fair share of strange furigana. Sometimes I feel like they use it as one would use parentheses in English (at least on the stuff I’m reading, I don’t know if this is a trend). Like, for example, one person would refer to a place by saying あそこ and there would be furigana over あそこ to let the reader know what place is being referred.

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Kinda, yeah.

I remember seeing this explanation in one of the other strange furigana threads. Edit: the fact I am mentioned in the message is probably why I remembered it

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I was really surprised the first time this happened, and I really couldn’t tell if it was common practice or not, but I’m glad it is. That’s a really interesting use of language that probably can’t be reproduced in English :thinking:

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