Stories of the Japanese Prefectures (Absolute Beginner Book Club)

My copy came in the other day! I’ve found the shipping from Amazon Japan to Ontario, Canada is super quick. I usually receive things within a week or so. (Ordered April 28th & received May 2nd)

I’m looking forward to this book club. Hopefully my new work project will allow for some reading time in the evening. I’ll do my best to keep up!


Yay! Got my very expensive copy from looking forward to it. Happiness was fun to read but I think i’ll get more out of this one.


:cherry_blossom: I’m ready! :tulip:


We are about 48 hours away from our start on the 14th. Traditionally the book club week changes at midnight Japan time. In practice I’ll put up the new week’s thread sometime on Friday evening UK time.

I’ll put up a new thread each week for questions and comments from that week’s reading. The idea is that it keeps the discussion a bit tidier, and makes it easier for those who are behind to still ask their questions.

I’ll post a link to the new thread here each week, as well as updating the schedule in the top post, so remember to set this thread to watching.


Would it be possible to also include the questions in the book as either the second post or part of the first post? Just to make it easier to discuss, besides, multiple choice questions could even be added as polls.

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Sorry, I’m not sure I understand what you are asking.


Like just copying over the questions, for example


  • ア 都
  • イ 道
  • ウ 府
  • エ 県

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Just so we can easily see how everyone is answering and also making it easier to quote if you have question about a question. Of course we can’t really have polls for the open answer type questions, but I figure it’s easy for the multiple choice

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I’m not clear on how that makes it easier to discuss.

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Replies make threads more legible and less like the hot mess that discord is at times

as for the polls, “Oh I thought the answer was x but everyone else picked y, I should ask why people picked that”


I forgot this has been done before. Like how the math club used polls to check for understanding, except instead of the thread maker needing to create questions, they just copy over the ones from the book

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You did see that the answers to the questions are on pages 62-68 in the book? And they are numbered so it is easy to reference them.


Thanks for the suggestion. It’s an interesting idea. It would be quite a lot of extra work for me to type all the questions as polls each week and I’m not sure it helps the discussion of the text, so I probably won’t do this.

I think the answers will be fairly straightforward most of the time. I presume people will check their answers with the answers in the back of the book and ask on the thread if they don’t know why their answer is wrong. The threads generally haven’t been too messy in the past, we only have four pages to discuss each week.

I’ll be planning to just copy and paste the OP each week and minimise the effort required in running the threads. I’m often putting the thread up on a Friday evening after a long day at work. Hope that’s ok :+1:


No I hadn’t. I had recalled someone saying how it seemed like parents were expected to go over the answers with their kids, so I thought it didn’t have them.


On my way into Sydney to hopefully collect the book! And probably buy some other Japanese books at Kinokuniya at the same time.

Edit: not sure if this will upload:


And we are off! Week one reading thread is up!


Thanks for everyone who joined week 1! Week 2 thread is up.


Oh my! This has to be the most difficult book for 6-year olds I’ve ever read! That being said, I love the challenge. And my 6-year old daughter, who’s just learning to read our native language, laughs a lot at my struggles :sweat_smile:


ah sadly I can’t buy the book physically cause I don’t live in the US

??? People have bought it in Australia, Japan, and parts of Europe though?