Still on Lesson 4 after nearly a month!

To be fair, calling people lazy based on their WaniKani speed alone is kind of dumb criticism :stuck_out_tongue:
But since we’re already out dealing punches: I guess people cant admit even they sometimes say things that are just wrong :wink:


It takes time. It also depends on how often you are doing your reviews and using the Spaced Repetition system. Level 4 wasn’t a problem for me. Level 5 however took me FOREVER. And the level I just completed last night, 9, took me forever!! Keep at it. Make sure you do your reviews. Don’t add too much too fast if you aren’t getting what you already have.
How many times a day do you do WaniKani? Depending on which you get wrong and how many it pushes you back.
I hope you make progress. Also, do what I did and take advantage of the yearly discount this winter for Lifetime Subscription!

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I use flaming durtles and I haven’t had to force sync ever. Only started using it last level, though. Hopefully it’ll go right next level!


Yeah, I feel like this is something that @ejplugge should hear about

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I only have about 30 minutes every weekday to do reviews and lessons so it takes me about a month or two to level up which means that I can only do 3-6 lessons a day at most. Worst case just buy the lifetime as soon as you’re able to

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The level-up detection in Flaming Durtles is solid by now, and the hourly automatic sync would have soon caught up anyway.

Based on a quick scroll back in this topic, I’m fairly sure HDshrimpkick still had an open session in the app. Finishing a session where a subject passes always triggers an extra sync exactly to catch this kind of situation, but if the session is kept open the app won’t catch up until the hourly sync.

@HDshrimpkick, welcome to level 5 :+1::sunglasses: . If you’d like me to check out what happened in more detail, you can try to upload your debug log in the settings menu, or drop by in the support thread if you have any problems with the app in the future: [Android] Flaming Durtles - Android app with offline support


I don’t understand why you ask if I took a huge break.

I was curious about your reason for not being level 60 after you started using WaniKani 2 years ago.


Ahhhhh I get it now. It’s because I created an account just to check WK but I never used it. I would have been the biggest hypocrite if I wasn’t 60 after 2 years. However, I have some levels that took more than 14 days and that’s mainly because of laziness(for example level 8 here).

When I mentioned the thing about laziness it was because I know it from experience, I wasn’t necessarily judging one person in particular. I also have a very busy life. We are all busy. However, finding 1-2 hours every day isn’t impossible especially when people spend way more than that on social media and Netflix.


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You did take a huge break then, nothing to worry about.


Aside from what others have replied with, you’ll also find at later levels, you have so many reviews that you may not mind as much if your level up date slips due to a few mistakes.

I think the reorder script was mentioned, and you can set this in the app you’re using as well I believe. That way you can prioritize radicals and kanji in lessons. Check into options for leech training or spend extra time reviewing leeches to reduce level up-slowing errors in reviews.

Once you get a good flow going on leveling up, be sure to consider how well you are progressing in case you want to slow leveling and focus more on vocabulary lessons for a bit (or the opposite and work to get level ups each week if that pace works for you).

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Indeed. It’s under advanced settings. It’s dangerous to rely too much on reordering, but you can (for example) configure the app to prioritise lessons and reviews for those items that will directly push you closer to the next level. Just don’t let the options seduce you into neglecting your vocab lessons, plenty of folks in this community have been burned by that already… :slight_smile: But if the app or userscripts can help you keep going with a manageable workload, it’s worth checking out.


I’ve been on level 4 for about a month. I’ve found my progress goes really fast when things are light at work and I can check in every 1-2 hours to run through my reviews and keep my queue at 0. It slows down tremendously when things get busy and I’m only on once or twice day (and often I don’t have enough time to clear the queue). I think the key to quick progression with an SRS is to be doing it constantly, which isn’t realistic for many people. Once a day, even if it is a long session, is only going to give one review a day, which will slow things down, especially if you make mistakes.

I bought the lifetime membership and I really find wanikani useful, so I’m just sort of meandering along at my own pace. As long as I’m making progress - any progress - I’m happy, because it’s better than making no progress.


Awesome tips!!

ehhm no… “I never let memory stop me from leveling as soon as possible”? That’s basically saying to hell with the SRS system and i’ll just cheat my way to level 60.
You’re free to do as you like but that’s not an “awesome tip” and I would strongly advise against it if learning anything is your goal.
Of course if you just want to get to level 60 to get to level 60 that would be the way to do it :wink:


I really don’t think OP’s attitude warranted a response like this. A bit uncalled for imo.
This is a great helpful and friendly community with not a lot of toxicity most of the time… let’s keep it that way.


Which i agree with - Which is why when a new guy shows up throwing accusations about Wani ripping him off because he has bugs is imo a bit rude.

If he had just asked the default questions of - been doing this for 20 days since i upgrade noticed it hasn’t leveled up there would be no issues and he would have been helped as all the noobs are helped when they first post about how long it takes to level up etc.

But not only did he accuse it as a money grab also called it stupid…So it’s a double wammy of just saying “hey guys this place is shit whats going on is it a scam?!?”

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Yes, your experience. Based on your life and your abilities. Other people are different to you.

No, you were judging a whole group of people.

In my experience, these forums have always been a friendly and supportive place - for people at all levels and all speeds. Labeling others who don’t meet your particular standards in terms of how fast they learn as being lazy or slacking off is to show disregard and contempt for others, and really goes against what these forums have always been.

Anyway, enough of that. All the best in your language learning, at the pace which best suits you.


Maybe he’s a bit frustrated with his progress and venting a little. I just think it’s better to just try to help as best we can anyway. answering (perceived) hostility with even more hostility won’t lead to anything.


I don’t (and won’t) use the app, but have you considered implementing the Lesson Filter method instead of reordering? It’s a much less disruptive method, and does more encouraging vocab items than reorder.