Starting WK from a specific level


I’m considering going back to Wanikani. I think Level 21 will be appropriate for my current japanese skill.
How could I start from level 21 ?
Or will wanikani force me to start from level 13 ?

WaniKani will force you to continue from where you left off - you can’t skip levels.

You’ll also need to subscribe before you can get any lessons or reviews for any items above level 3.

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Thank you for your reply.
I’m considering to subscribe only if WK will allow me to start from level 21.
It’s too much work for me to go back to level 13.

Is there any way to do so ?

Someone didn’t listen…lol


No. You can only reset to a lower level. Level 21 is not far from 13 anyway so you might as well go with that. I mean if you think that’s a long time then you will never reach 60. Also, if you didn’t use WK for a while, chances are you didn’t practice Kanji elsewhere(just an assumption) so it’ll be a good practice for you.

I mean you can always send them an email but I doubt they would do it.


Thank you. Actually, I’ve just sent a request to them.

Do you know any script to speed up the process of leveling up ?

There are scripts that can help you go max speed (~6days 20hours for most levels), but not any faster. As already mentioned, there is no level skipping of any kind available in WaniKani.

If you want some advice from someone who was quite far in their studies before starting WaniKani, I would suggest reading Naphthalene’s level 60 topic.


There are some ways to speed up the process. It’s just depends on what kind of person you are. Like what are your specific goals and how much time can you dedicate to WK.

You can search the following on the forum, I won’t repeat everything here:

  • Ignore Script: This allows you to ignore a wrong answer. You can use it with some vocab that isn’t beneficial for you, just don’t abuse it.
  • Ultimate Timeline: This will allow you to see when you will have to do your next reviews(of your current level) so that you can optimize your time and do the reviews as soon as possible, therefore level up faster.
  • Re-order Script: You can re-order things in the way you want. So you can place the Kanji at the beginning and do that before even the vocab. That way you can focus on the Kanji and level up faster because the vocab doesn’t contribute into leveling up. However, don’t overdo it or your vocab will pile up like crazy and it’ll be hard to do everything later.
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If you’ve really mastered all the content through to L21, presumably you can complete levels 13-20 in the minimum amount of time, one week each. Should only take 8 weeks. Practically no time at all in the grand scheme of things.


I’ve just renewed my subscription. I hope to finish the levels 13-20 in less than 2 months.
Thanks for everyone.


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