Starting Wanikani from level 60 towards level 1?

Hi everyone.

Last year, I religiously did wanikani for almost a full year.
I did my reviews when they happened and kept up to feat until level 35-37.

Then the reviews became overwhelming. About 200-250 a day. I stopped and gave up.

Today, I’m thinking of picking up wanikani again. But this time, I wish to start in reverse.
Is there any third party app that lets you start wanikani from level 60 and go backwards to level 1?

My aim is to pretty much “repeat” what I’ve done when I first started wanikani and if I do end up being overwhelmed again, to at least have covered the last half of it.


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You can’t skip levels, so for the last 10 levels you just have to complete WK in the order it’s arranged.

BUT, as for level 1-49, which have have cleared, there is the possibility of using something like the Burn manager to unburn items from the upper levels and working yourself down through them. There’s also the option of using the Self-Study Quiz and the Item Inspector to sort and quiz yourself on items from specific levels. and gradually work yourself down to the lower levels.

It’s not the same as using WK normally, but it’s a way to review past items that you might have forgotten.


I’m not really sure how an overall reverse would function, since kanji and radicals from earlier levels get used in the later levels.


Frankly, doing it in reverse does not make any sense. If you are determined to do the latter half first, at least do it in order. You can do that by applying a filter in Reorder Omega to lessons and reviews to only keep items from level 50 and above