Do I reset my account?

So here’s my story… I started WaniKani in 2015 and I got up to level 53 in just over a year. At this stage, the reviews are coming through so thick and fast that it is impossible to keep up with them (I now have about 3,000 in my queue) and I’m not motivated to do any. I also find that because I did so many in such a short amount of time, I’m forgetting more basic ones. I’ve been at this level for about a year now because I keep going on and off holiday mode and just doing a few kanji here and there. There’s not really any way to level up because of the number of kanji in my queue - by the time it gets to reviewing I will have forgotten it.
It’s a big and bold move so what do you all think?
EDIT: I also have a KaniWani account that I never really used, so I could do that together with WaniKani to improve my vocabulary recollection…

Maybe try going back to level 30 and see how it goes? If that doesn’t work, then go back to level 15 and so on. Just don’t fully reset if you can avoid it.


Yeah I was thinking something along the lines of that…
I’ll have a good think xD

You can always reset to a higher level than 1. I just reset back from 10, because I had forgotten so much. Trying to grind myself back to where I used to be and keep leveling felt very difficult, if not ineffective. Level 53 is very far, so like ernestohegi said, maybe look in the vocab and kanji sections and try to find a level where it doesn’t feel too overwhelming and reset to there?

In the end, I’d personally say it’s better to reset and improve your kanji than just putting it aside because you’ve fallen behind on your reviews… Maybe that is just me trying to justify that I just reset though x)

Whatever path you take, good luck!

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Install this script. It will allow you to do extra reviews on WK outside of the WK system. Check the link and you’ll understand. Basically, you’re able to go to the lists of kanji/vocab by order of level and review them there. Start from level 1 and climb up. Check at what point you start having problems. Then, reset to that level :slight_smile:

This time, don’t worry about going extremely fast, mainly with the latter levels. Make sure to build a healthy routine with Japanese learning not only on WK, but outside of it.


I reset to level 5 in November, and I only just caught up to where I was last week. I kept taking breaks telling myself that I’d quiz myself more often, and it never happened. It was much better to force my hand and make myself re-do it. The only thing I wish was that I went back to 10 or so, but what’s a few weeks compared to more solid knowledge.

You could always use the reorder script, focus on older levels first, and make your way through the backlog slowly from the bottom, while using leech training script as well =)
It will take a while before you level (unless you reorder the opposite way to reach higher levels) but it is a goot way to get to the older items in a timely manner, then go higher when you feel ready =)


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