Starting wanikani as an advanced speaker -- should I continue?

If you do decide to stick with WK and want to go faster, but not max speed (do ALL lessons the day they show up), I’d recommend using the WaniKani Lesson Filter to do the newly unlocked radicals and kanji ahead of the vocab from the last level (I also like to use that script to alternate kanji and vocab lessons, as the vocab really reinforces the kanji for me).

So I usually do, say, 5 new kanji, then 10 vocab one day, then depending on if I’m doing well or not on those and how big my backlog of reviews is (which I gauge by the upcoming forecast), I’ll either add more lessons the next day or skip a day and do more lessons the day after.

Again, I’m taking WK at a pretty slow pace because of trying to balance it with work, other hobbies and other Japanese study / reading practice. You can definitely do it much faster than this and still have it be manageable!