Starting to learn grammar?

Well, I may have made an oopsie by not starting before now,but either way I’m not that far into Japanese anyway. So when I started learning, I was using tofugu as my guide to getting started (thus how I ended up on this amazing site), and in its suggestions it said I should get to level 10 of WK before learning grammar. However, while browsing the community, I’ve seen people say that you should start to learn grammar even before starting WK.

So, my question is, should I start learning grammar now? Also, what resources have you guys used to learn grammar? I was looking into bunpro cuz I don’t really mind paying for learning and SRS has helped me a lot on here. Any suggestions are helpful!

Bunpro isn’t really a resource for teaching grammar, but rather for maintaining it.

They have links to sites that explain the grammar points, but they are kind of haphazardly chosen (at least they were when it was in beta and free) so you wouldn’t be getting a consistent explanation from item to item.

Generally speaking, textbooks are pretty popular simply because they do take you from point to point in a consistent and thought-out way. They know what they’ve already explained and what they’re going to cover later, so you’re not going to be left scratching your head at something a random website expects you to already know.


Additionally, check out this recent post.

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Thank you for the suggestion! I bought genki 1 so I’ll see how that goes!


With all the discussions in the various threads here about apps and online learning I was feeling like a bit of a stodgy old fart by sticking with textbooks for the most part - you have elucidated why I prefer them better than I could have done :smiling_face:

Yes, I would recommend studying grammar even before starting wanikani. I quite like Japanese for busy people, I find it a great resource for self learners. Other people like a lot Genki, I guess either is good as long as you use it regularly. Good luck :slight_smile:

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