Started WK as a student, finished as a teacher

I just finished Level 60 today after… 5 years! The lifetime subscription was well worth it. I took my time, though I planned to finish in a few years, life happened, and also opportunities happened.

5 years ago, I started WaniKani as a student learning Japanese language. 2 years after, I got an opportunity to teach basic Japanese in a school. I was able to quit my longtime job (doing something I did not enjoy) to have a career now that I truly love and enjoy.

In a span of 3 years, I had the amazing opportunities to teach hobbyists, enthusiasts, workers who are being sent to Japan, Japanese companies’ employees, university students and so on.

To those learning the language, may I impart these to you as I also leave the WK nest (I am currently studying N2 course and will be focusing on reading Japanese materials instead of burning all WK items).

  • When you hit the intermediate wall, don’t give up and just power through
  • Gaining a language skill was truly life-changing for me, I hope it will be the same for you
  • Language is a lifelong learning journey and I hope you enjoy the process

Goodluck guys! And lastly, thank you Koichi for being an inspiration!


Big congrats on making it to the end! :partying_face: :tada:


as someone who just started using this, this is incredible


Congratulations! It’s amazing seeing the amount of stuff that can happen in somebody’s life from the beginning, to the end of their WK journey.

Wish you all the best from now on, and I’m happy that you’re enjoying life :tada: :clap::clap:



it is people like you that do succeed, and then inspire others to do the same

kudos to you

keep doing what you love and all the best to you



Huge congratulations to you!!! :star_struck: :partying_face: :sparkles: :cherry_blossom:

I started the WK journey almost 5 years ago, so it is very inspiring to see someone who has conquered it in that time! I know I will get there eventually too :smiling_face:

Best of luck in your N2 studies, and all the best in your other future endeavours! :four_leaf_clover:

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Congratulations mate ! :blush::facepunch: How did you find a job as a japanese teacher so fast ? Its actually amazing what you did, I don’t know if you realise how cool is that. Being a novice in a foreign language, which is also pretty hard to learn, and having the courage to become a teacher and teach others after only 2 years of study, wow man, you are a legend ! I’m really happy for you ! :blush::fist:

Thank you! That means a lot to me! I’m pretty amazed how life turned out for me too. I actually studied in the top Japanese language school in my country and then I was the top of my class. So after 2 years they were hiring an N4 level teacher so I applied (I was still N4 level at that time but I bragged that I was the top of my class haha! thankfully I got hired on the spot!). I also had zero teaching experience at all! N4 level was okay to teach just basic Japanese. They also gave me a lot of teacher training so it was pretty nice.

It’s really fun to teach people who share the same passion with you, and those who have plans in the future using Japanese. It’s amazing how I also get to see others grow, enjoy learning and change their lives. It’s also inspiring for me. Almost 4 years of teaching and I’m still having fun, not bored at all.

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That is amazing to read, grats on the achievement and the journey. I sometimes realize how far I’ve come when it feels so natural to see Japanese that it is just part of my life. I also have wanikani to thank for it (nowadays I don’t use it anymore besides the community from time to time). There’s still much to see and learn, it’s ridiculous, but it’s not scary anymore. I hope those are the things we can teach others as well.

Incredible read, thank you! I started recently (lifetime sub as well), I was thinking to reach 60 within 2-3 years, but then I read many “Level 60 within a year” posts so I was like ugh I am being slow…your post gave me confidence and power to keep going even if on slower pace.

ありがとうございます :pray:


Just take the time you need to deeply engrave kanjis in your brain rather than doing WK in a hurry. The goal is not how fast you are, but how will you use your knowledge.

@Airi congrats !!! it gives motivation to all people who are dedicated to japanese study and WK’s path

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