Started WaniKani - experience

Wow, that really sounds ambitious!
Thanks for all the tips, I will use some of them :slight_smile:

Omg, you will find many, MANY reasorces here in the forum! For example

Abot WK: Maybe you will feel at the beginning like “Oh man, I already know all these kanji… can’t I skip them?”–> No, you cant, sorry! BUT in my oppinion WK is (one of) the fastest way to learn Japanese kanji and vocab, even if you have prior knowledge. And it’s really great that you actually use your Japanese! This speeds the learning progress sooo much!

btw: Did you study Japanese grammar already? If not, I think Tae Kim’s Guide to Japanese Grammar is a resource that fits very good to you. I really love his style of explaining things, because he gives you just enough information that you can deduct from that by yourself. But he does’t drain you in information (Imabi is a good resource if you want to know one specific topic, but otherwise you will be lost in a ocean of grammar)

Knowing the basic (and essential) grammar is really fun when you begin to understand some words. It really motivates if you not only understand single words, but you can put them together and be able to know what these words mean in context! And it helps you to learn vocab (especially the chapter Polite Form/Verb Stems helped me so much!).

~T :lion: