Subscribed to WaniKani for the first time

It has been wonderful 9 days since I started WaniKani. Already on Level 3 and while I was doing soil fertility class at the Tokyo university today, I came across 火山 which I could get it very easily during the class. Want to reach level 60 as early as possible.



Welcome and good luck


Thank you.

Be wary that, starting from level 3, things will get slower and faster at the same time


Some people like to keep their Guru items below 250. That means NOT taking more lessons until some reviews cycle through.

The reasoning behind that is twofold: risk of Burnout and Overwhelm increases as you go.
I know because I reset recently after almost a year off studying, but I only hit level SEVEN when I started.

Some people can’t devote too much daily time to it, OR they can for a few days/weeks but not forever.

I found a happy medium where I take my time learning kanji. I learn all the radicals asap… but I’ll study Kanji around 10 at a time.

Vocabulary is more of a relief and easygoing review for me, because it doesn’t slow my already lax progress if I get it incorrect.


Thanks for the advice.
Good luck :smiley:
Hope we can finish till level 60 together :smiley:

Where do you get that screen from? I’m on level 4 <3 I believe.

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That looks overwhelmingly complicated. I have no idea what token or what to use to get that stats page :frowning:

Sounds great :blush: You can do it, good luck!
And remember to find your own speed. If you become overwhelmed by all the reviews, stop doing lessons for a while, even if it slows down your progress a little.
Have fun studying (and don’t get too distracted by the community like I did :laughing:)



just your api 1 token

Thanks, managed it. I was look at the other API and couldn’t get my little head round it XD

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It looks like you’re using the old stats website. You can check out the new one here :slight_smile:

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nice, I knew you could figure it out. c:

Oh thanks, didn’t know about that.

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Guru at 250? That seems like a really low number :grimacing:


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SOME people lmao
And some people further still, get more easily overwhelmed with even 100 reviews.
I can do 500 reviews and have a lot of fun doing them, but in the same time I can only do 40-60 lessons. I also have a TON more time on my hands these days.

I’m sure as I get into the double digit levels I can up my guru numbers more comfortably :smiley:

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Well, I still have only 200 reviews daily, so it’s very manageable.

I never do that many lessons a day.

But I guess what I wanted to argue was that the amount of Apprentice level items is a much more important factor in your workload. Most people keep it around 100.

EDIT: That said after I level up I’m doing a short break on lessons since I do think 800 guru items is a bit on the larger side and also want to get rid of some leeches before the final push to 60. Good break also to focus on reading a bit more.


Makes sense; I think I just mixed the two of them up.

So, unrelated note here…

Existential pondering…

I just realized I’m a tsundere.
Everything makes sense to me now. I put on the mask of a cold-hearted exterior but I blatantly wear my emotions on my sleeve.

At least it seems like it’s not as dangerous for me to be that way in my line of work… but actual relationships in my life all make sense now. LMAO

Thanks for the banter, it’s your fault. :angry:

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congratulations, you’re not a wk virgin anymore.