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Hi, how do you SRS your grammar points? I only do it manually. I listed all the grammar points from N5 to N3, numbered them then with the use of a randomizer, I try to write sample sentence out of it but it is time consuming. Any suggestions?

I don’t really. Just try to read enough Japanese material. There is Bunpro though, which is like WK for grammar.


I just read raw Japanese material, went back and did grammar exercises, then repeated until I understood every grammar point from Genki to Tobira to Kansan Master sufficiently. There isn’t really a need to have a “spaced repitition system” if the space you encounter the grammar points is once a day for about an hour at least. SRS is there for stuff you encounter infrequently, not grammar which you will encounter every time you read NHK Easy.


なるほど。I am already done with Tobira along with its workbook. Took me a month. I’ll start with Kanzen Master N2 next week along with Sou Matome N2. :slight_smile:

And yea, NHK Easy is very helpful.

Yeah, I’m with xyz and kumi on this one.

Usually reading and looking stuff up as I go works since (assuming you consistently read) actually coming across those grammar points acts as a sort of srs.

I do still use maggiesensei and tae Kim from time to time. Just to make sure I fill in the little gaps in knowledge. Like, knowing たら means “if” is really only part of the story, and it has a lot more to it that you may not easily pick up just through reading.

But, if you are set on SRS, I’ll actually answer your question and say Anki. I suggest just making cards with sentences that have the grammar point you want to study bolded. If you wanna study more than just recognition, bunpro is better but costs money I believe.


I go through grammar stuff with a textbook, and then try to read native material. When I encounter sentences using grammar structures I want to learn/reinforce, I use HouHou or Anki to make a deck so I can SRS it.

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Bunpro is clearly what you are looking for.

And while I aggree that reading is enough to remember N5-N3 grammar, it will clearly not be enough for N1 (even some N2), with grammar points even Japanese people barely know.


The issue I have with bunpro is it will take a while to catch-up with my N3 and it will cost me another subscription, Lol. Not that it’s not worth it but it’s not as much how meaningful Wanikani is. I guess, I’ll just go with SRSing the grammars that I rarely encounter or those that I easily forget. Thanks for the tips.

There is no order restriction, so you could start directly N2. But it’s true this add an other subscription.


As Kalas said, you can learn whatever grammar points you want whenever you want on Bunpro. And while it is paid, it has a one month free trial. Additionally, it’s 40% off until they complete the N2 material, so it’s only $3 a month right now. It can’t hurt to check it out based on that.


I think SRS is something that can work with grammar. However, it involves quite some planning and knowledge of the language. Bunpro is trying to achieve that, but they’re not quite there yet (I do agree with definitely checking it out).

To sum up, unless you plan on launching a grammar product to the market, study grammar, ask questions and expose yourself to the language through reading, writing, listening and speaking. <= This will not only allow you to reinforce everything, but it will also allow you to identify your strengths and weaknesses in grammar.

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I just add 2-3 cards in anki where the grammar is used. Works well for me. I don’t produce my own sentences using the grammar though so this might not be what you are looking for.

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