SRS is useless without an "I made a typo" button?!

Being forgiving comes with its own set of issues as you can see from this thread:

You are always going to accept nonsense if input is validated using the edit distance to the canonical answer, which is also why staff are constantly adding new prohibited answers to the database.

Personally I end up using the Double Check script to disqualify “correct” answers about as often is I use it to fix my gremlin-like typing. By which I don’t mean fixing stuff like forgetting that a reading included (or did not include) a letter or a rendaku, but rather fixing my not typing what I intended to type.

Though, granted, you don’t actually need undo functionality to deal with nonsense being accepted, you can solve that by adding a button that lets the user indicate that an answer was actually wrong. But that does not help gremlin-like typists like myself.