SRS burned items no reset AKA Burned to the Future

I would like to continue SRSing my burned items, rather then resetting back to level one. at the moment my main tool for studying is Wanikani . After burning reaching level 60 and completing wanikani I would like to focus on sentence mining as much as I can an SRSing that. it would be too much to have to start wanikani from scratch in order to maintain the knowledge I acquire from wanikani. as it takes several hours a day to to do lessons/review. It would be a lot easier if I had to review an item in a couple of months or even years then have to srs it again every day if I reset. I know people have said that you should be reading so much native material that you can maintain your knowledge. Which I intend to do. but, Im not gonna come across every single word/kanji I learn in wanikani by the time my memory clears out it’s TMP files. I’m not asking for people to tell me what way is best way for me to learn. I’m asking for a choice. I want to retain abstract word that I will never actually say to people. just because that’s how I feel. I want max stats and all rare items. This way of thinking is what helps me power through my review, the thought of leveling up all the time and feeling that kanji pump is what I’m addicted to. The thought of studying Japanese part time… is like meh whats the point. go hard or go home… theris a sort of high i get when my brain is throbbing from srsing all day, I’m getting stronger and stronger, it turns me on!
I know some people reading this will think 1 of 2 things. 1 this guys grammar is doo doo and 2 this guys gonna burn out real soon and quit wanikani and make a a form post talking about how wanikani is whack… then some guy will post the MJ popcorn meme saying… I’m waiting for Leebo。。。
well to that I say. 漢字王になる!and ‘Input Hypothesis’

So is there away for wanikani to implement this or any plan to? Is it not possible due to the way wanikani is coded? Also can you link me to any articles from Tofugu as to why they choose to stop SRSing at burned? is it possible to implement it into the kanji burn review script? If so can you please do it?

and yes I have already searched the forms but, I was unable to find the answers to my questions.

Thank for taking the time to read this. :slight_smile:


This seems like a script plenty of people would use if it worked the way you’re saying.


I believe there is a method to export WK to Anki, which would make it easy to keep reviewing.

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Maybe you like the burn manager:

But it will probably set the items to a level where you have to repeat it often.

On a side note, doesn’t this “quantity not quality” imply that you shouldn’t repeat the same stuff all the time but read randomly (no perfectionism and all that)?


I tried 2 different apps in order to import to Anki one doesn’t seem to work. and the other on required you to have to manually keep importing after burning items.
also I would prefer to do my Japanese training in one place rather then switching from wanikani to anki as little as possible.

I think that’s asking for a bit much, you’re going to have to compromise

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To me it implies that you should keep absorbing as much new material as possible. as well as srsing to maintain what you learned. to me I feel like srsing isn’t necessarily a conscious effort. meaning you might have a day where your brain hurts and your coming across a few things you don’t remember. aka burn out aka the quitting zone… but I think you should SRS any ways but don’t spend to long staring at the screen if you don’t know it with in like 10 seconds mark it as wrong and move on. your unconsciousness will do the leveling up. to be honest I feel that you can only burn out if you rely only on your active ability to understand ie right there and then being able to understand what it says and being able to articulate what the kanji/word says. instead of trusting that even though you can’t remember it right now your unconscious is able to learn. So even though you marked it wrong your unconscious leveled up. Like I will come across a sentence when i’m tired I can read it in Japanese and understand it. but I can’t translate it to English at that time… It may actually be better to just under stand what the sentence means in Japanese rather then translating it to English. be cause I find sometimes translating to English makes it more difficult to understand it in Japanese and uses more energy. In between studying I also do press ups and and other kinds of strength training. no cardio tho. as cardio seems to tire out my brain. where as body weight training such as press ups/ hand balancing does not. in fact I just do like one set to failure then come right back to studying and I feel super energized. It’s sort of like how Monks back in the day would exercise in order to maintain focus on meditation. also wholewheat pasta I started eating that every meal and my energy has been stable throughout the day. It’s due to the low gi content. make sure its wholweat and not white pasta though. the darker the pasta the more sustainable energy you get. try it and you will see what I mean :slight_smile:
I went off on one there, as always… but these things made a huge impact on studying for me. and may help others. also Coffee I started drinking that for the first time and man I feel like I can power through reviews after drinking that. I wouldn’t recommend more then 1- 2 cups a day though.

If it is to much then that’s fine. but if it’s not too much trouble to do then that’s also fine. I’m just asking and suggesting not demanding.

I completely understand your point of view and I agree on everything. I don’t worry about it too much because I am just at the beginning of my wanikani experience, but I know that when I’ll get to the point when I start burning items I will also worry about that. I see no reason why ‘burnt’ couldn’t behave like all other levels (with an appropriately higher repetition rate. Once a year or two maybe?), and if you get it wrong just demote it one level down, rather than forcing you to start from apprentice. As you correctly point out reading on its own won’t guarantee you retain all kanjis you learnt. I would definitely appreciate an option to do that, it would be my top priority for wanikani, after adding tab least all N1 kanjis.


This wouldn’t let you continue to review burned items at longer intervals, but somebody previously suggested a ‘demote’ button which would also work to demote burned items back to enlightened (or whatever you wanted), which might at least let you continue to review things over a long timescale. I mostly mention it because Viet commented on the thread to say they would at least consider it:

I sympathise with the sentiment of not wanting to forget things just because they don’t turn up in the reading material you happen to choose, but it really does make more sense to focus on retaining information that actually comes up in the material you consume. I’m sure there will be plenty of new vocabulary to learn, without worrying about retaining obscure words from WK as well!

That said, options are nice. I would just worry that the niceness of WK would leave me forever reviewing words here instead of focusing on learning new stuff…


I agree! Speaking to many native Japanese speakers in the education system, many have said that they have forgotten so many Kanji since they were in high school, simply because they don’t use them. They don’t come up in everyday writing or books often.

I messaged someone the other day using my broken Japanese and a dictionary and they complimented me on my kanji use and said they had to look it up. I was quite shocked, of course I had no idea what it was, I just chose the best matching verb I could in the dictionary conjugated it and sent it on it’s merry way over the interweb!

It may not be relevant to daily life and you may never need that Kanji but as a language learner and a language teacher (English) I understand everyone has different goals in their language study and if yours is to master every kanji and never forget them, a review cycle for learned and burned Kanji would be perfect…not too often please :smiley:

I don’t share your goal of being the Kanji 名人 but I wish you the best in your goal :+1:t3:

P.S. if there are others who feel the same it might boost lifetime memberships :wink:


If you are a huge SRS fan and you eventually want to put sentences as well, wouldn’t it be better to switch to Anki rather sooner than later? At some point Anki has to be your place for Japanese training, anyway. I’m sure the export problem can be solved, and you can set Anki exactly the way you want.

I think many people like the burning because it’s motivating. You won’t see many “1000 items now on Enlightened 3” threats, but burning keeps people happy.


Yeah I agree with you. I think Wanikani is awesome I prefer it over Anki. if there was away too add your own items and take the SRS limit off I would use it exclusively. Also the way the lessons are structured are amazing. I couldn’t learn as much as fast just using Anki alone.

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Although it’s not an SRS, you could use the Self Study Quiz script, choose Burned Items as the source material, and limit the number of items to, say, 25, and do that once a day. Since it shuffles randomly, it will eventually review all items.


good idea :slight_smile:

The problem is that if you get something wrong you can only start it over from apprentice as far as I understand, you can’t just demote it one level. But maybe I’m missing something.

The self-study quiz doesn’t affect SRS levels. Burned items will remain burned whether you get a review right or not.

Yes but if you get it wrong you might want to put that item back to enlightened. Except you can’t ans you can only leave it as burnt (even if you clearly don’t remember it that well after all) or put it back to apprentice (which is way too harsh and could result in an unreasonably high number of reviews if done consistently every time you get a burnt item wrong). But this is all hypothetical as I’m far from burning anything, just what I think would happen.

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