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今日は節分だ。節分の時に日本の伝統がたくさんある。例えば、「鬼は外、福は内!」と言いながら 家の中豆まきを投げる。私には昼休みの時に恵方巻を買った。南東を向いて立ちながら 恵方巻を食べた。日本の伝統が面白いと思う。


Thanks for trying to find it again @lucylavelle . I’ll try to look it up too tomorrow. I’m so amazed at your will to exercise. I have such a hard time to get myself to do it. :sweat_smile: Maybe I just need to buy beat saber. Hahaha.

Thank you so much @softlyraining !! The affirmation means a lot!

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