Spare app to review Kanji using WK API

This is not quite what you ask but maybe it is good enough.

You may configure the self-study quiz script for quizzing kanji.

Here is how I would proceed with the configuration.

  • Go in the settings.
  • In the Settings tab create a new preset with the new button.
  • Rename it to kanji using the Edit Preset Name field.
  • Then enable the Item Type filter and set it to Kanji to get kanjis in your quiz.
  • Then enable the Level filter and set it to 1…+0 to get kanji from the levels you have studied. Without it you will be quizzed on kanji not yet studied. It is important to place a + before the 0. A plain 0 won’t work.


In the Settings tab set the Maximum Quiz Size to a sensible number. If you don’t do this you will be quizzed on all kanji at once. This will quiz you on a selection of kanji.