Somehow I can't find the character for the "gun" radical

I’ve been copy and pasting a bunch of the level one radicals into a spreadsheet, and somehow I can’t find the Unicode character for the gun radical - it simply doesn’t want to copy and paste, unlike the rest of the radicals there. Not only that, I couldn’t find it in the Wikipedia radical list either. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Found this on the TextFugu forum and I’m inclined to believe them, since radicals are tricky to begin with.
with a guest appearance by @Belthazar :eyes:

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Ah, thanks a bunch. That really helps!

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Whatever it was, I have an alibi.


It would seem you committed the crime of speaking of our Almighty Lord Koichi in a less than perfect light. There is no alibi great enough to atone for such a sin. :pensive:

Oh, pff. I do that all the time, and he hasn’t smited me yet.

… Smitten?


It’s smitten.

I’m not the slightest bit smitten by Koichi. :stuck_out_tongue:


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