Some non-fiction absolute beginner reading suggestions

I was looking around for things to practise my WK kanji skills on today :slight_smile: and I saw this: Tongari Books

I can’t see this mentioned on the forums elsewhere? but anything that’s graded for easiness for beginners, and is about insects and bridges, gets my thumbs up. So I thought I’d share it with you.

Also I notice there are some new offerings on since I last looked.

One of the resources the last page links to is Tomoya Mitsumoto’s page here モンゴルにほんご多読(たどく)ライブラリー
which also has non-fiction things to read.

I like factual things you see, and I think it’s true to say that lots of the reading suggestions on the forum are manga and romance and fantasy?? I might be wrong. But I thought I’d post these suggestions in case some people may find them more up their street. Please share if you know of any more in the same vein!


This is nice too - “Hirogaru”

There are little videos about different topics (eg star gazing) with subtitles you can turn on and off, and relevant vocab/kanji.

Matcha Easy


If you like history, give 10分で読める伝記 a try! There are 6 books, rated from first grade to 6th grade (in terms of kanji, vocabulary, etc). There are also 5 other books in the same grade level, but most of the others are stories. I have read the 3rd & 4th grade 伝記 versions and I liked them, though I prefer the お話 books more.

There is also the なぜ?どうして?book series that also have graded levels, and are mostly science related. The two links have sample pages to see which fits your level better. Also, there are bookclubs here for both these series.

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Thanks everyone! I also don’t have a lot of interest in the manga and other fiction that make up most of the reading clubs, so I have stuck to stuff like Todai’s Easy News app. I will check this stuff out!

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