[Solved] Non Stop Celebration Glitch?


I don’t know if this is a common thing but I’ve been being celebrated for getting to level 35 non-stop for the last week. I don’t know why it hasn’t turned off…

If anyone body else wants to celebrate… this is the place. Apparently 35 is a BIG deal lol.

EDIT: I’m a silly billy that didn’t see the gray X on the lighter gray background.

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Did you click the x in the top right corner? You have to x it out; it doesn’t go away on its own.


LMAO. Thank you so much! I was using the celebration user script before and that went away after the first time it showed.

Ah, Now it’s so sad after seeing them cheering for a week.


But… congratulations anyway…


haha, I thought at first you were making a super whimsical thread about celebrating big time more than you normally would. I say keep celebrating :partying_face:

I’m celebrating having finished my first live book club manga!

congrats on 35 :star:


Ooo, Which manga is it?

小さな森のオオカミちゃん It as part of the ABBC and by the sounds of it by far one of the easiest manga they’ve read. It was really cute and relaxing to read, finally something that doesn’t feel like studying!


Gosh that’s definitely a milestone worth celebrating! I also tend to keep pushing myself so I forget to just sit and enough.

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