So this is why it is called painful (?)

Wish me luck!


Good luck. Look on the bright side–at least you have a lunchtime.


you do all the lessons available??


No, I don’t. I will usually spread the vocabulary lessons evenly across each week. At the start of each level I will do the radicals and kanji first and leave the vocabulary words for later. But I will usually get a 0/0 stack once every week when I move the radicals and the first batch of kanji to Guru. This was exactly my situation when I took the screenshot. I foresee this is going to get insane four months from now when the items to be burned start to appear.

I really don’t mind doing reviews. They are very fun and I currently have lots of time. Doing lessons on the other hand are more demanding to me.

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Yeah you’ll probably be averaging 300-500 reviews when things really get going.

As long as you can keep up the pace, then go for it. :+1:

Personally, I had to stick with 20 lessons per day and a 200/day review count in order to keep up.


this scares me oh my god


I’m almost at the end of the painful levels, and I don’t think I ever had that many reviews in a single day. I haven’t been skipping my vocab either.

Good luck anyway, lol


Good to know! But what scares me is the lessons queue, but those are very predictable and will not grow in size in future levels.

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