Mom pick me up im scared

aaaaaaah 95 lessons, I skipped like 49 vocab lessons because I got a bit lazy and now I’ll be having a very busy Saturday.

I hit level 3 today though :open_mouth:


You’ll be fine. Just stick to 20 lessons per day until you clear it. :slight_smile:


Don’t worry too much about the number on your lesson pile; it will naturally spike up every time you finish a level or Guru a bunch of radicals/kanji.

Better to get in the habit of taking new lessons at a sustainable pace, so you don’t hit a wall or burn out.

Best of luck with the remaining 58 levels!


Somehow, the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this title was


Anyway, best of luck to you!


Never be scared of lessons, you can do them as you please. Only fear accumulated reviews.


As others have said, stick to doing a set number of vocabulary lessons (usually about 20 a day) and that will keep you from going over the top in number lessons. It’s not a bad thing to do your radical and kanji lessons first so that you can keep going at the speed you want, but if you neglect your vocabulary lessons you’ll end up with a massive stack.

Take it from somebody that managed to accrue 700 of them.


Yo, tis’ too early to get lazy. Get lazy by lvl 10, but for now work hard and don’t let these piles accumulate.


That sounds like a lot. May I ask how long it took to finish them?


Yes, I can even quote you specific dates and numbers, thanks to my study log keeping track, haha. I did roughly 60 lessons a day till I caught up, but I wouldn’t recommend that for the average person, I just happened to have had a lot of working from home time :stuck_out_tongue:

21st August = 638 lessons left
4th September = 0 lessons left

I would say though that if somebody does 20 lessons a day, more or less, they should never get into that situation at all ^^


They should never get into it if they always do previous level vocab before current level radicals and kanji, regardless of speed.


I can confirm. I typically do 20 lessons a day, and have never been in that situation. Mostly because I read all these stories where people were like “I have too many vocab lessons and it suuuuucks”

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picks you up

Yeets you into the middle of the lessons
Be free, my child


Yes, I do my 20 lessons (more or less) a day because I wrote one of those stories and I’d DID suuuuuuuuck, hehe
And I’ll never do it again!

Yes, quite.

I have 106 lessons!!! :scream::scream::scream: The 20 lessons a day is good advice though, I will try it.


If you feel at all overwhelmed by lessons, there’s no harm in just taking your time. Learning Japanese is a marathon, not a sprint, so taking things at a comfortable pace will prevent burn out down the line. That says, 20 lessons a day is usually a good rate, hehe.

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