Studying the kanji through script tools

The FAQ says that it may or may not be beneficial or harmful to study the Kanji learned outside of their respective SRS schedule. Can anyone share their own experiences?

I installed one of those tampermonkey scripts to study all the radicals, kanji, and vocab learned, and while I do find myself feeling good about them, I want to know if I’m setting myself up for failure.

It will depend on your timing: if you are studying just before a WK review, then yes, you are messing up the SRS; if you study immediately after (i.e. to study items you just failed in a review), then that should only be beneficial.


@MegaZeroX researched the scientific literature on this topic. Apparently there is overwhelming evidence that seeing an item more often increases retention. There is no harm and a lot of good in studying items out of schedule between reviews. The trick is to avoid doing it just before the review.


It’s just that eventually you will have so many items active that it would be ridiculous to be reviewing them all all the time.


Agreed. Usually people reserve the extra studying to their leeches which are in a much lesser number.


More exposure is, I would expect, nearly always beneficial to learning. We are, after all, supposed to be studying grammar and consuming Japanese media to actually learn this stuff, and the Crabigator has never told us to avert our eyes from example sentences to avoid seeing a kanji out of turn.


Yes. But it is important to note that it isn’t going to hurt your studies if you want to do it early on.

I don’t know how they’re measured, but Flaming Durtles considers 276 of my items leeches, I just tried it out with the Self-Study function :smiley:

This is a big number but some people have it much worse, kind of in the 400 range.

Still, coming back to the point of my original post, this is a much smaller number than trying to study all your learned items. That would be thousands of items.

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