So i've got my first burns but now i need help

Hey everyone first time posting here…

Not sure if this is the right place to post but i need some help on how you guys manage your reviews and lessons. Lately my motivation has been going down a lot, to a point where one lvl would take me a entire month or more.

I don’t know if it’s just me but making 120 reviews everyday after getting home from a long day at work is tough. It wouldn’t be that bad if i wouldn’t do my daily hour of grammar studying as well, which is to be honest a bit more important to me.

It would really help me out if anyone here has got some good advice. Thanks in advance!


Is doing your reviews twice a day or throughout not an option? Your apprentice count is pretty low and the only other thing I can think of is that or make it even lower for less reviews.

You can also use the anki script if you feel like it’s something that’ll help.

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Yup, I agree. During your lunch break, do 40 reviews. Perhaps another 40 during a later break (3-4 hours later). Then you’ll only have 40 items to tackle in the evening.

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I know, i haven’t done any lessons lately because i had to catch up with other things which is why i barely have anything on apprentice rn but usually i keep up a regular flow of about 80-120 reviews a day. I don’t have that many options to do it during the day. I could do a few at work on WK mobile but i have problems getting into it especially without the user scripts.

It’s a bit complicated to get it done during work so i’ve been doing the full load in the evening so far. Maybe i should try to get used to mobile so i can at least get something done.

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I was having the same issue and since we didn’t have Wifi at work (I also have minimal data) I was struggling. I’ve solely been using my mobile since I started and never had a problem but I also don’t use any user scripts so wouldn’t be able to help there. I would recommend looking at Tsurukame, it works offline on your phone and you can turn the notifications on so you know how many are pending.
It worked for me as I can do a couple reviews when I have the time throughout the day (waiting for bus or lunchtime at work)

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I guess this is where the most difficult point in learning a language lays; if it’s starting to get annoying or bothersome. Maybe I don’t have THAT many reviews by now (but I guess, it’ll be around 120 a day as well), but I also really recommend to divide them over the day. Sometimes I got like 80 in the morning as well, but I’ll do some of them on the bus or at work, when there’s time or during my break. So it is easier to keep the number low AND to remember the words. When it is a huge effort for you to come home and look at 100+ reviews you’ll lose your spirit and energy to got on, and that would be a shame since you’ve come this far! :slight_smile:
Btw, I also use Tsurukame and it is really helpful! I often do less than 10 reviews at once! It’s the easiest way since I also got the same problem as you: when I’m home after work I don’t want to do ANYTHING at all :smiley:

If you’re an android user there’s a new offline app for wanikani around, it goes by flaming durtles and can be found in the play store.

That one has a lot of extra functionalities that work the same or similar to popular userscripts. There’s also a thread by the same title on the forums if you want to know more or have questions/request.

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