So, I woke up to 130 new lessons today

Feeling overwhelmed… how do you do this???

Also, I’m starting to get confused between kanji and vocabulary readings…

Just ignore the number and do a few lessons each day until they are gone. No need to fret too much that it’s a large batch.

Not too motivational, but to learn the 8000 items in WK you have to do the lessons eventually :slight_smile:


I set my lesson batch size to 10, then I just do one or two sets of lessons a day. It’s not the fastest possible rate, but divides the lessons into a more manageable size for me. Plus, it’s easier for me to memorize 20 things a day over 10ish days than 200 things at once.

Just find a size that works for you and don’t worry about the number of upcoming lessons.


The kanji vs vocab are tough…I (still) have problems with 下げる vs 下がる vs 下. Kills me…

I know everyone and their mother has said it on the forum, but my first stack with level 1, 2, and 3 items came at the same time as my new level 4 items. I have wani time at 7am and 7pm, so I did half the lessons either session on both days (no more than 25 minutes, apx 30-45 items per session). Finish up the next, did half the reviews, etc, etc. And two days later I had my normal volume. If you do 'em daily, steadily, it does eventually calm down-- wanikani system guaranteed.

I think the good news, as I’ve read and I’m finding, is there’s a “maximum peak” where you eventually start to burn items. At that point, if you have kept the same pace, you probably won’t ever get a greater volume of reviews. Therefore, if you figure out how to deal with it now, there probably won’t be any new curve balls!

Best! :slight_smile: Tell us when you get that 0/0 again?

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Sounds like a pretty normal number to me. Some days you will find you have over 250 items for any number of reasons, but 120 is pretty typical for the first two days or so after new lessons and older levels starting to hit enlightened, master, guru. Even more when you start burning. Sometimes I break it in half, but usually I just do them immediately. I stopped doing all new lessons at once and instead do vocab and radicals, then once my apprentice is below 40 I do the kanji and remaining vocab.

Even for me at first, but you will start to recognise there is a pattern to intransitive and transitive and what those words mean (for me, anyway). It isn’t always true, but you can guess which ones are going forward if they are あ or え sound!

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