How many items per batch you learn?

I’ve been experimenting on how many items per lesson batch I should choose. Currently, the default 5 feels the best. It’s not too big that leads me to being exhausted after one batch, but not too small that it ends up annoying.

Do you use the default 5 lessons, or have you changed it? If so, why? Do you feel like it’s too much/not enough?

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I use a script to manage how many lessons of eaxh category I do. I usually do 20 lessons in one batch, of about 8 kanji and 12 vocab for as long as I have the kanji, then I do all vocab. Only one batch per day. The script I use is [Userscript] WaniKani Lesson Filter.


You mean, like before you get quizzed on the items? :eyes:

I haven’t changed that no. I don’t see any purpose to change those settings. Seems like a good point to summarize what I’ve learned so far before pushing on with the next 5 items.

I’ll keep going until I feel signs of mental exhaustion. It really depends on the items. Kanji lessons take more concentration for me. As do weird readings that you didn’t learn with the kanji lesson for vocab. When I’ve had enough of items like that, I’ll wrap up the session. (so between 15-25 items all in all).

Then I take a break. Return next hour and repeat until 0 lessons. Done! ^^


i’ve thought about changing it whenever i do lessons so i don’t end up with just 1 or 2 lessons at the end (i.e. do a batch of 6 instead of a batch of 5 and then a single 1). but unless there’s a script which does that automatically, it’s too much effort

I do 8, it feels like a good number. First bunch of lessons is kanji, then I have two rounds of vocab, so 8 kanji and 16 vocab. It’s perfect for 7 day level ups

Recently went down to four and I feel like it helped me, especially during vocab when there are multiple new Kun’yomi.

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Kept it to 5, seems like a good point to stop and go over what I’ve just read! I think taking 10+ would make it annoying to start remembering everything in one go. And writing everything down takes longer too before you can test what you’ve just learnt!

I stick with the default. That way I can decide to stop after 10 or 15 for the day or do one more batch to hit my max daily limit.

I use 5. If I only have 7 items to learn though, at times I bump it to 7 with a reorder script.

5 generally feels the most comfortable as it’s really more like 10 things you need to remember.

I will do anywhere from 5 lessons to 25 as well, depending on how many lessons are available, etc.

I tend to do the default of 5 at a time. The only exceptions might be when I’m doing radicals (then I’ll finish all the radicals in one go), or if there’s only 6 or 7 lessons left in total (then I’ll just finish them all).

I usually do this around 3 times per day for a total of 15 lessons per day on average. After doing one batch I’ll wait an hour before doing the next (I don’t like the newly-learned items piling up in one big batch of reviews).

I do my lessons in small bursts whenever I have a spare moment, so I’ve set it to three, the minimum. I can do multiple batches if I have time, but it’s also easy to squeeze one in while waiting for food or the like.

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I’ve been doing precisely the same as Burger. With a tiny batches I can squeeze one in whenever I have extra time lying around, and if I want to do more I can just append more after I finish. I don’t see any disadvantage except that the little quiz is a bit easier, but that’s so minor that meh

I’d set it to 1 if I could.

Default 5.

This month I’m experimenting with 20 lessons a day because I have some more time to study

My intake varies greatly depending on my mood and how much other stuff I have to do for the day. I keep the batch setting at 5 (in fact, I didn’t know it was possible to change this until I read this thread!). I never go past 20 an hour. But I’ve also been making a conscious effort lately to keep both my queues clear to the extent that I can. I figure, missing something I’ve seen is still better than not having seen it.

I also had never thought about changing the batch size but will usually aim for 10-15 in a sitting – more when it’s words I already know or very sensible readings and meanings, less when I can tell I’m not gonna remember this without a few reviews. Strongly prefer to get lessons in early in the morning when I know I’ll be able to hit the +4h and +8h reviews on schedule that day. Also try to look at the forecast and not pack too many reviews in to a single session when I can avoid it.

But like someone else said, once I hit the string of radical lessons after leveling up, I will run through all of them immediately – I usually don’t have trouble remembering them compared to kanji or vocab and they’re the thing gating your progress through the rest of the level so I want to go ahead and get them started ASAP.

I upped it slightly to 6, and tend to do two batches a day M-F. I take a break on weekends (and only do reviews). I’ll occasionally do an extra batch if it was all radicals or the majority of the kanji/vocab was something I’ve already learned.

Though I’m thinking of upping it to 7 for a bit and seeing how that goes…

I use 3.
Smaller batch are more manageable with my workflows.

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I vary how many I do depending on the difficulty of what I’m learning (i.e. if I already know a bunch of the lesson content from other sources, I’ll do more), and I also use the Wanikani Lesson Filter script @Saida mentioned to mix vocabulary with kanji, because I remember things much better with context so getting the vocabulary in earlier really helps me.

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It depends on the session. I typically want to finish a specific number of lessons so I’ll use whatever size from 8-12 won’t leave me with a small batch at the end. I prefer to learn all the Radicals in a single batch though.

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