So I was browsing stuff in Tsukumo and I can't discern ネット価格 and ズバリ価格


It doesn’t seem to make much sense to Net Price and Subari price, I mean what’s the difference between the two? Both implies that the tax has already been deducted so I can’t quite understand what this means.

For reference:


Those aren’t the same item are they?

I would say net price means that it’s a price only available on the website. The inter"net" price. As opposed to in store.

I asked my (Japanese) girlfriend and she said ズバリ価格 has a feeling of 安いですよ! “This is a good deal!” I guess

#3 The FAQ section covers it, it’s a special price but you get less or no store points.


Or what namste said.


@Leebo @namste
Thank you for the helpful replies from the two of you
Now I have a better understanding on those two things when browsing at Tsukumo :smiley:


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