Context sentence for 進呈

The context sentence for 進呈(しんてい) reads:

T-points are presented to those blogs with a lot of visitors.

Forgive me, but I’m still missing context. What in the heck is a “T-point”?!

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T-Points is a point system for Tsutaya membership cards. Tsutaya is a bookstore chain in Japan where you can (depending on the location) buy books, rent manga/DVDs/BD, and purchase other goods. If you go into a convenience store, usually they will ask you have a T-Point card to put points on the card which you can use towards purchases or rentals at Tsutaya.

Yes I have T-Point card.


Aha! Thank you.

I’m familiar with Tsutaya, but the point cards are new to me.

I’m still unsure what a bookstore point card has to do with blogging, though.

(I should have searched for Tポイント instead of T-point.)

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You can get them almost anywhere for anything. It’s just one of those things you have lol

Not to be confused with d-Point cards (which is for Docomo I think?) you can get d-Points at Mos Burger, but not T-Points, which sucks because I would have stacked up so many T-Points by now. I could have rented half of One Piece for nothing!


Yeah, d point is Docomo. It’s great tbh, you can use the points on Mercari, at Animate, and at Lawsons. I’ve gotten so much merch at no additional cost :ok_hand:

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My wife has a d-Point Card… I think I should just bite the bullet and get one already… what’s another point card in my wallet?

Japan is just a giant video game after all.

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Yep yep. Have you seen にゃんじろう/Meowjiro? It’s a conbini video game. Feels alarmingly close to irl lmao.

For real though, cash in on that free cash, it’s not like they’ll give it to you otherwise.


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