Slime Forest Adventure in 2022

Does anyone still use or has tried Slime Forest Adventure in 2022? I played it in the past and it was a good way for me to learn hiragana and katakana. That being said, I heard about paying the $5 or $20 membership fee and it teaches you all 2000 kanji.

Has anyone used Slime Forest Adventure recently to learn their kanji? and if so, what’s your opinions on it?

Also, does Slime Forest Adventure run on Mac? And if I buy the license or membership fee, is it interchangeable for both my desktop and Macbook?

Thanks in advance

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I’ve heard of this game, but it never caught my interest. If you have a steam account you can keep your eye out on the Japanese language learning video games that are currently in development like Nihongo Quest N5.

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i’ll be sure to keep an eye out on steam for japanese learning games

One game I can recommend to keep your eye on : Onomatopeya - A Game by Studio Pomidori

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hmmmmm…im not so sure about this one per se

I think by the time this is done, I’ll probably be on N4 level as I plan to take the N4 JLPT by July

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