Skipping Genki I and starting with Genki II?

Has anyone ever skipped Genki I and moved straight onto Genki II?

I’ve done a bit of Japanese before and after working through BunPro JLPT5 grammar points I found that already knew most of them and the new ones I’m ok with just having web references for so does Genki I cover more than JLPT5? Should I be able to just skip it and move to Genki II or will I end up with a big gap in my grammar knowledge?


You’re probably the only person that can accurately answer your question.
Check out this grammar index for Genki 1 & 2 to see if there are any grammar points you don’t know from Genki 1.


Frankly I’d just flip through Genki and decide for yourself.


The real question is do you know all the vocab from genki I and can you form and respond to all the sentences/questions throughout the book?

Who in Ding-Dong’s great kingdom invited you back?

Personally, I skipped I through III and went straight to Genki V, and I was fine, but that is because I trained with the monks for years before attempting such a feat.*

* In the above passage, Genki V refers to reading fiction and yes, the monks were the same ones who gave batman hallucinations of bats.


I thought you were going to say “hallucinations of batgirl”.

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That could have potentially made for a more interesting film…:thinking:

@Emisan did

wow I wouldn’t have seen that secret comment if not for rfindley. So cool.

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If I had access to the book I would, but I don’t and would have to order it online so hence the question :slight_smile:

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The link he posted tells you what grammar points are from genki I, so you don’t need access to the book to see if you know them.

I’m of the idea it’s never worthless to review stuff one already knows! I’ve used both Genkis and don’t regret using them as a self learner. However, they are quiet expensive outside of Japan and you could save some bucks not getting the first volume if you already know the points it covers. Maybe you can do as @Syphus says and flip through the first Genki.

My only suggestions is to get the workbook as well as it comes with an answer key and you can review yourself your exercises (this is specially useful if you are using it outside a class environment).

You could also buy the teacher’s editions which have the answers to the exercises in the book, I believe.

But, the stories! You’d be missing out on all of the drama with Mary and Takeshi and the rest! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, your local library might have a copy that you can look through before deciding to buy. If you do buy Genki books, then check out Amazon JP. They sell the books for street price in Japan, minus the taxes if you have them sent elsewhere. I paid $25 for 2-day shipping to the US (with tracking!). I’ve yet to see a better deal anywhere else.


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