Skip lessons when you have a sub?

i have been learning japanese for 2 years and im taking the JLPTN3 in summer. Currently working through the Tobira book. I know about 500+ Kanji already.

So, i saw that you cant skip lessons or increase the daily limit, and i guess it would take a couple months to catch up to my kanji comprehension. I saw someone wrote that you can increase lessons / do other levels if you have subscribed. Is that true? All i want is just to skip to the point where i am currently at and actually learn something.

I wonder if i would benefit from WaniKani if it takes a couple months to catch up to my current Kanji level. Specially those easier Kanji like N5 N4, i got those pretty much nailed down.

After you’ve subscribed, content of level 4 becomes available (once you’ve guru’d 90% of level 3 kanji).

Subscription does (afaik) not give you tools to increase lessons or open content outside the regular flow of things. You’ll have to work your way through the levels, at a minimum speed of around 7 days per level. So there is no way to skip to your current level.

Additionally, there isn’t really something like a ‘daily limit’. You’ll get lessons based on your progress. When you reach guru for a radical, you’ll unlock some kanji lessons that use that radical. When you reach guru for a kanji, you’ll unlock some of the vocab that use that kanji.


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To the best of my knowledge, the feature you’re asking about doesn’t exist. One of the reasons is that Wanikani teaches you kanji and vocab in a very specific way, and so it’s important that you learn the Wanikani radicals and mnemonics, because these come up again and again.

I started doing Wanikani when I was at about the same level you’re describing. I was taking Japanese papers at university and we were working through Tobira. Yes, it was slow to begin with, but I don’t regret taking that time because in the long run, Wanikani has been tremendously helpful.

Plus, Wanikani teaches kanji in a different order from most textbooks, so you might find you come across new kanji earlier than you expect!

You can’t do this, even if you’re subscribed. You have access to additional levels, but they are still locked behind the normal gate (getting 90% of kanji to Guru on a level).

A couple months is very little time in the grand scheme of things. Here’s a post from an advanced learner who used WaniKani (despite having already passed N1) and found value from it. And in their case it took them about 10 months to get to levels where most of the content was new.


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