Sup wanikuni? Help me get started :)

Hey reader
I’m trying to get into wanikuni to learn a lot of kanji but I already study Japanese at University and know some. Is there a way to go fast through lots of kanji? Haven’t even figured out how to start learning kanji here tbh… also will I need to pay? What’s the free version include?

The first 3 levels are free. After that you can continue to review those kanji and vocab, but you won’t unlock more lessons.

Have a look at the FAQ and Guide.

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So can I subscribe and skip the initial levels or take an evaluation quiz somewhere? Seems I can only look at some basic radicals now but I’m sure there’s more

No, you can’t skip anything, subscribed or not.

The creators intend for every item to build on everything else, and they are aware it takes a little while to build up the pace.

You have access to view all of the content of the first 3 levels, up at the top of the dashboard. But the system of unlocking items for reviews comes from doing reviews for earlier ones.

If you already have, say, an N2 level of kanji knowledge or something, a different product might suit you better.

Ok, thanks for the help.
I’ve done n3 but my foundations aren’t great so I think I’ll do the first 3 and see if I like it enough to subscribe

Please read the FAQ and the Guide.

Among the words you will learn here in time is that it’s WaniKani.

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:3 it’s a pun… wani-nation

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It sounds super-annoying, but just trust the process. It takes a while to ramp it up, but it kicks your ass before too long. Luckily, at N3, you already know a couple of hundred kanji, probably, so lots of it won’t be too tough. But WaniKani goes by kanji complexity and not conceptual complexity, so the kanji you know already will be scattered around, and you’ll have a bunch of new stuff by the time you’re done with the third level.

Lots of people do BunKurou at the same time. It’s like this, but for grammar points. Unlike WaniKuni, you can go as fast as you want or out of order. (It’s actually called BunPro)

Hello! I’m also new to using Wanikani and I just wanted to hijack this to add my personal experience that I’ve been trying for years to rush kanji learning and I’ve always reached a point where I would get stuck and keep forgetting things (around the 300-400 kanji mark?). I’ve read a lot about Wanikani since the 2 years ago that I signed up and gave up and I think this seems to be the real deal for wanted to learn the kanji in a reasonable time without making it a full time job. Anyway, I want to wish you good luck and try to have patience, just like I’m trying to! :smiley:

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