Sites like WaniKani/Tofugu?

Hey guys, just curious, do any of you know of sites that are comparable to WaniKani/Tofugu for Japanese? I’m also aware of already. Let me know if you know any websites like these. Thanks!


Well, for one thing there’s Satori Reader – it is mainly for reading, but it does teach grammar too and has SRS.


Have you seen this?

I’m not sure where it’s categorized, but also


The Satori reader SRS is like Anki right? You enter if you answer was right or wrong right? At least it was what I remember from a couple of years ago.

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Unfortunately, this is true… Still, it does seem to fall into the description of “Site like WaniKani/Tofugu” in my opinion.

I agree with you that falls under the description and I also feel disappointed. Automatically grading the answers is one of my favorite things of WK and Bunpro. One gains so much more time with it.

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Really? I feel like I lose more time typing in my answers and correcting typos than I gain.


Really. If I had to go over a 400+ pile of reviews and have to decide to think if each one of my answer was wrong, correct easy, correct medium, or correct hard— I’d probably unconsciously cheat and also waste lots of time thinking. By level 42 my typing got very fast. The only problem was when I had surgery with the left hand and had to type only with the hand and so the right hand started to show signs of carpal tunnel (?) but thanks G’d the recovery was fast.

I think you more or less develop a feel for what you’re looking for, depending on exactly what it is you’re looking to get out of the particular cards. Personally I’ve never had the issue with wanting to cheat in Anki in the slightest so I can’t relate to that one, but people bring it up enough that it must be that way for some. Wanikani on the other hand – I restrain myself, but between making the results more visible (I have SRS states on Anki hidden), having an “endgame” with burns, and level up walls, I think it pushes people towards stressing more about incorrects if they don’t remind themselves what it’s all about.

And for what it’s worth, a lot of people also advise using nothing but “again” and “good,” so it’s a more binary choice.

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I usually only use the fail and good buttons. Works just fine with binary grading


Thanks, Kumirei! :slight_smile:


In the original discussion, I was referring to Satori reader and not Anki. The Satori reader SRS is similar to Anki but I don’t think there is a way to have “again” and “good” or customize it like Anki. That said, I might be wrong since I have not used that site or the app for more than 2 years.




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