Site Design Suggestion - Vocabulary section put english below

Love the Dashboard page.

I like how the Radicals and Kanji are set up with the character on top and the hiragana and english below. I can put the English and hiragana below the bottom of the screen to test myself like a flash card, to study.

The vocabulary is set up with the hiragana and english to the right.

Would it be possible to put it under the Kanji word so we could scroll down and test like flash card also?

Or maybe there is a function I am missing. Anyways, just an idea


I’m not sure I 100% understand your problem, but if you’re looking to self study within WK, give this script a look -

Is it something like this that you’re looking for?


Thanks! The above layout from Kumirei would be my preference.

The screen shot I included is what I have now.

I am using an IPad most of the time, and this screen shot is from the iPad.

Is there an option to change the Vocabulary display order, or is it the device I am using.


I don’t think there are such settings. Have a look at this script

However this script might interest you as well

By the way I have no idea if these are still functional

Cool! Thanks!
I’ll give it a try when I have time to mess with it this weekend.

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