Similar resource like Wanikani but with spanish

Hello, I love this app and how it works. I’m also learning spanish(1st language is English) and wondered if someone found an app in same/similar fashion of WaniKani but with spanish instead. I know of apps like Anki, Tofgu, Memrise etc. What I’m looking for is an app that does the timing function as WK does.

I don’t think there’s anything that will work exactly the same way because the challenges of Spanish are very different than the challenges of Japanese.

Personally, I am currently using Lingvist to study German and I know it also has Spanish. It has a subscription that is 10 USD per month, so it’s a little on the expensive side. It introduces vocabulary words in sentences and you have to type them to proceed, so I find I retain vocabulary better than I do with traditional flashcards. I think it works well, but I wish it weren’t as expensive.

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I’m not aware of any, but you could use Anki (which you already mentioned) and configure the specific options for a Spanish deck with timings to match pretty closely by setting the learning steps to 4h, 8h, 24h, 48h. That would make them match up nearly perfectly for the initial learning phase and mean they won’t go into the typical longer-term scheduling phase where they’d start to differ until after you’ve answered correctly enough times.

That said, I would recommend just using the new FSRS algorithm introduced with the latest version of Anki. It really is better than the WK SRS algorithm (and much better than Anki’s older, and still default, SM2 algorithm) because it uses multiple factors (such as retrievability, retention, stability, and card difficulty) to consider your actual performance and automatically adjusts the intervals to be optimal for your personal capabilities as opposed to forcing you into timings that are probably not optimal for you. Moreover, if you ensure you have a specific options group for the Spanish deck, it will be optimal specifically for Spanish, which will absolutely have much different optimal timings for you as a native English speaker than for learning Japanese.

If you want to go that route, here is a good video by AnKing that covers the relevant details:


I’m using Conjuu for German verbs conjugation, this link is for Spanish.
It has a very low one time payment, and the ui is extremely clean and simple.
I found it when I realized I need a simple app with just german verbs, no grammar, so it’s similar to WaniKani in that manner, that it’s curated, and you need to type your answers and you can hear the pronunciation if you choose to.
It doesn’t test you on meaning, but it does have meaning for each verb available at the top.