Similar Kanji List (Template)

I needed a way to easily compare Kanji characters that I kept confusing so I made a blank list I could print and write in as I discovered new Kanji.

I have found it helpful to use a highlighter to colour in the similar radicals/components. When I highlight the parts that are similar, it’s easier for me to recognise the differences and I can develop better mnemonics.

The only problem with this list is that I may sometimes find more similar Kanji to the existing pairs I’ve written down but so far that hasn’t been a problem…

You can download a copy of the template here.

I’d appreciate any suggestions.


If you go to a Kanji page like半 for example there is a section called “Visually Similar Kanji”.


I do use that a lot, but writing them out helps me see the difference more clearly.

I could write down every Kanji that is visually similar along with the pair of characters I struggle with, if that’s what you were referring to.

Ah, I meant if you were looking for more. wasn’t sure if you were aware of that tool.

Oh, that’s ok, I understand.

Thank you.

Some of the pairs will become flocks, but you’ll get used to them.

Oh thank you so much for sharing this! I get confused with so many kanji that wanikani doesn’t dub “similar” for some reason, and it’s infuriating! I like this way of organizing them, thank you!

That’s a good idea, what I do now is try to learn words that use the Kanji and it makes it easier to remember for me :slight_smile:

You basically described WaniKani ^^

I just confused chapter and juvenile earlier today. :roll_eyes: Good list to have, thanks!

Thanks for sharing this! I do find that writing out vocabulary/kanji that give me trouble helps me with retaining them, so I’ll give this a shot when I begin running into trouble on WK items.

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