Shuddering Crabigator - why?

Have you ever seen this mouseover text? Why especially for this item? All other items (as far as I have seen) don’t have it. Is there a reason why the Crabigator fears especially for its backside?



@2000kanji ALL kanjis and radicals that only have one review left before Guru 1, gets this message when hovering with the mouse. You simply didn’t notice it before I guess.


It is not as simple as that. Here is the neighboring kanji, with the same SRS level and the same next review time, but no shuddering Crabigator:

I think (speculation) that you’re using some script that interferes with the message. Because, I don’t have that extra info that you do (meaning/reading, SRS level, Next review info). That script likely has something to do with it, because the message of the Crabigator anticipating you taking steps towards leveling applies to all items before Guru 1, like I said.

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That doesn’t look like a standard message. Have you tried with your plugins turned off?

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Hahaha the Crabigator is a bit of a drama queen


You are both right, @ekg and @Kutsushokunin. I am using Dashboard Progress Plus. When I turn this script off, the shuddering message appears for the emperor, too - as well as for all other items in Apprentice 4. (However these mouseover texts are screenshot-resistent.)


This message appears in the vanilla dashboard when you don’t have Dashboard Progress Plus installed. It appears that for some reason it spills over the tooltip of Dashboard Progress Plus. The fact that this does not happen for all items suggests a bug. @rfindley should examine this.

If that’s the only bug, it doesn’t need a fix :wink:. I like Dashboard Progress Plus. Although the standard dashboard has adopted some of its features, it still isn’t as good (IMHO).


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