Show me your notebooks!

I just finished making custom dividers for my Japanese binder. That way if I need to look up a stroke order, I can quickly find what I’m looking for.

Does anyone else wanna show what their notebooks look like? Anyone have other ideas or tips or tricks for organizing their binder or for studying in general?

Share, discuss, enjoy!


My notebook looks like a big Word file xD


Well, not everyone works with paper still. I love digital stuff, but there’s something about having stuff on paper that I still really enjoy.


I don’t have my notebooks with me at the moment, so I’ll post something later. Yours looks wonderfully organized, though!

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Huh. Weird. I searched but didn’t see that.

Although judging by the second post in THAT thread, it seems like I’m keeping a tradition alive.

ヾ(´▽`;;)ゝ エヘヘ

Thanks! I’m looking forward to seeing yours!!

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Definitely! I only read physical books as it allows me to focus better on the thing that I’m doing ^^

I’m doing it on a computer for the sake of being 500% faster. I’m not investing in handwriting Kanji right now and in a file you can always edit and rewrite stuff.



It’s completely disorganized, mostly because I only ever use my notebook to write and never to study, so I don’t ever read it later. Still a great way to practice writing out the words, though, I always write every word while reviewing in kaniwani.


ignore my handwriting :see_no_evil:

This is just my WK notebook. Color-coding is radicals and readings in yellow, kanji in orange, and vocab in pink. (I should be getting more highlighters in the mail soon and then I can let radicals have their own color instead of sharing it with readings.) I write more, mnemonics-wise, if an item is new to me or if I think I’ll have trouble remembering it.


The color-coding is beautiful :sob: Have you been writing out every WK item you’ve learned so far??


Thank you! I love color-coding things…

And hmm…I think I didn’t start writing them out until level 4 or so? Everything before that was pretty familiar. I mostly only write out stuff that I haven’t learned when studying before or if my knowledge of it isn’t solid. I’ve actually only filled up 17 pages this way, even with how much I space each item out.


Inorite?? The blue-pink-purple color coding system that WaniKani uses is actually my favorite color combination. It’s so eye-pleasing…:star_struck:

And hey, that’s smart :+1: Even though there’s been a lot of stuff I know so far, there’s still been plenty of new stuff as well, plus the WK radical system in general. I should write stuff down too lol

Also hey!! Looking at our level and join date, it looks like we started at almost the exact same time. Good luck to you, level friend~~ :sparkles:


かわいいよ~! :heart_eyes: I love the colour coding! I think I might eventually write out some notes on kanji using this as inspiration!

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I’m pretty new to this so nothing too complicated!
I do love my pastel highlighters though.

  1. Grammar notes
  2. Kanji repetition (haven’t used much lately)
  3. Vocabulary that I find while studying grammar (that is later put into my anki deck)
  4. Vocabulary writing during anki reviews (will start using with WaniKani soon)


Pastel highlighters are lovely. Your notes look very neat and tidy!


I wrote an article a while back outlining how I set up my notebook: The Road to Learning Japanese: Language Journal » Yatta-Tachi

Recently, I got a pack of notebooks, so when that one filled up, I moved the different sections to individual notebooks instead, which I think is a little better for me in terms of organization and ease of looking through my past work.