Suggestions on e-notebooks when studying grammar?

So finally I have got a bit more into studying grammar, I’m currently on Chapter 4 in Genki and using
But I’m still looking for something where I can put up my own notes of grammar points, particles, Genki lessons etc and be able to have everything in the same place.

Maybe even something where you can search or filter different sections of notes to have an easier time to find what you are looking for. Since I do most of my study online, and using my computer to write notes (I’m not a fan of textblocks to write in, and my Japanese is very limited when it comes to writing by hand) it would be most beneficial to have a resource that could help me with this.

Also when I use a textblock it tends to get very cluttered, and after a while I have a hard time to find the specific note I’m looking for, and everything tends to be very unorganized.

So I’m looking for some suggestions that would work in this sort of way, to make it easier for me when I’m going through different grammar. I read a post the other day (which I cant find now), where someone had put up different sections with particles, grammar etc in different headers - I think the program he/she used was called Onenote and it looked really nice for what I have in mind (Think It’s part of Onedrive).

But would be cool to see what you guys are using and suggestions on how to make it organized!



I’m using OneNote for my grammar studies. I’m still a grammar beginner, but I like having different tabs for Verbs/Particles/Adjectives. Each tab can have different pages, so I have a page for Godan and Ichidan Verbs with tables of each, and I can sort through them to find all the verbs ending in る。

I always love seeing how others take notes as well!


Yeah it was actually you I mentioned in the topic (The post I read, but couldn’t find), just find it again though and posted to you there.

What you have there is something I desperetely could use, in order to get more motivated in keeping studying grammar. It will be so much easier to have everything in a nice and organized manner, and be able to find it really easy (Will be especially useful for Genki studies when you go back to review).

Wow, that is like the most awesome notebook I’ve ever seen! You’ve done an amazing job! I love it! :heart_eyes:

FYI - OneNote is a default tool installed in base Windows10 machines.

@tiamo - Did you mean to leave the verb out on your に page? 「アマンダさんはここに」… 「きます」
I really like how you’ve organized things. Brava!

Oh my gosh!!! I’ve always wanted to use OneNote in my pedagogy to help my students become a bit more technologically literate. :slight_smile:


Nobody says “in my pedagogy” except teachers. I love that!


Ahahahaha, I would hope teachers talk about their ped! :open_mouth: it helps demystify the profession if we’re more open and shows we’re not all like that horriblemathteacheryou hadinGrade8 I’M NOT NAMING NAMES THO. D:<


My eighth grade math teacher was awesome thou---- wait, you’re right. That was not a fun class.
I was thinking of my eight grade Social Studies teacher. He was cool. And my 4th grade homeroon teacher was ex-British Intelligence. I had some pretty cool teachers.

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