Show Level Number?

Even though I will say that I still prefer the old header (especially with the circles and going for 0 - 0 sometimes making it look like eyes for the that moment so not too much of a complaint other than: Ahhh change!!! :stuck_out_tongue: lol) I would ask if we could get the levels to be shown again on the header without needing to click the levels drop-down possibly?

Just an idea for that if you guys want you could colour the number (like the lessons and reviews right now) to the category that you fall under (eg. Pleasant being regular white, painful pink, and so on upwards to Reality being burn grey (or if you have the golden burns script, gold :stuck_out_tongue: )).

Well, this isn’t that big of a deal and I’m sure someone might make a script for that if it doesn’t get added but just my own two cents. Also I do like the purple more than the green for the numbers under the lessons and reviews since I feel that it fits the theme better.


Hiding the level number is my biggest complaint from the update, really disappointing.


There is a level number in the Radicals/Kanji progression bars. Wouldn’t it be superfluous to show it again? Donno, paves the way for an optional script?

You can’t always see them though, you need to open the bars.

EDIT: Oh you meant the colours for lessons didn’t you

Thats weird, mine are always visible as soon as the page loads up. I was meaning the “Level NN Radicals Progression” and “Level NN Kanji Progression” boxes.

Do you meant the progress bars? This is my default homepage. EDIT: I think what @iNomNomAwesome (and I) want is to have the large level displayed in the toolbar. image

I made a (hopefully) temporary script to show the level



The hero we don’t deserve :durtle_love:


Levels didn’t show up on these pages WaniKani / Radicals and WaniKani / Vocabulary / 信心


+1 for adding the level number back to the regular header, I‘m missing it too.

The script uses only and WaniKani — Log in in its include, so it isn’t running on other pages.

Adding* to your user-match and WaniKani — Log in* + WaniKani — Log in* to your user-exclude should fix that.

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The fact that many people have complained about this and WK has not put the level number back on the header means that it’s been deliberately removed and they don’t want to explain why.


Ooops. Will update when I get home! I rarely venture off the dashboard so I didn’t notice


They could also just be busy, in the mid of a small shitstorm, reverting colors and making layout changes?

Not that I’m a fan of the new layout but I imagine they have a lot to do right now. And they hopefully still get some time to enjoy their weekend too.




Thank you!

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