KaniWani/KameSame vs. Vocab Apps advice please

Do you think it’s worth spending hours on KaniWani/Kamesame when the same time could be spent learning vocabulary on another App, like Torii, which covers all the vocab from JLPT 5-1?

My recognition for vocab is good, but my recall is not.

I’m asking because I don’t have time for both, and would appreciation any opinions, or suggestions for other Apps.

Thank you.

I am using kamesame. There’s an option to learn from 10000 most common words or JLPT order :slight_smile:


In my opinion the vocab on WaniKani is not that useful for daily usage as some words are a bit old-fashioned or super-specific, and important basic words are missing. You can think of the WaniKani vocab as an enforcement for the various kanji readings, but if you want to learn useful vocab, I’d suggest picking other options, like JLPT decks or Core 2k/6k/10k decks. You can find them for a bunch of apps, like Anki, Torii, Kitsun, …
If you search for those apps on the forums, I guess you will find a bunch of app reviews and recommendations to help you decide.


Thank you for pointing that out, I’ll go take a look :slight_smile:

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thank you, that’s what I was thinking, as some of the Wanikani vocab seems kind of odd. I’ll take a look at the different Apps :slight_smile:

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Pretty much what @NicoleRauch said. The vocab you learn in WK is primarily for reinforcing the kanji that you learned. However, I’ve started reading a whole lot more and the vocab you learn here is definitely useful. Especially at the lower levels, you’ll find great use from them. I’ve even encountered a decent few words from the higher levels like 50-60, so don’t discount them too much.

Outside of WK, I found the JLPT Tango N5-N1 series to be pretty helpful, and I rep those decks on Anki.


I use KameSame by the JLPT order, it’s pretty cool. I can’t deal well with anki and such so it’s pretty useful for me.

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