Should I remove the romaji in my Japanese Grammar Dictionary?

I just bought myself one of the grammar dictionaries recommended by tofugu, but when I opened the book and started reading I noticed that my eyes sometimes automatically go to the romaji and not the 仮名 or 漢字. I thought of covering up all the romaji for the sake of immersion and replacing it with their 仮名 counterparts. Is that a good idea? or will I actually need the romaji?


Get some washi tape and get rid of that garbage. There is never any need for romaji. Your first instinct was correct!


I honestly can’t think of any reason why you would want to continue with romaji once you’ve learned kana.

Edit: It’s also more confusing. I just learned that it’s ローマ字 in looking it up just now but since nobody types the actual ō that Revised Hepburn uses to denote the long お sound I always thought it was ろまじ.

It’s almost like you now have to learn a third writing system.


sadly there’s a lot of covering and replacing that I would need to do, but it does seem worth it for the immersion.

If you want to cover it up I’d say go for it but that seems like a ton of work. Romaji are terrible and just make things more complicated but your brain is probably just used to ignoring foreign characters. Id say keep the romaji but just look away to the kana when you’re looking up a word, you wont be learning to read kana or kanji from a dictionary anyway

And if you are saying your dictionary only has romaji you may just want to return it and get one without. Writing all those in would be a lot of work on top of whiteing them all out. Or just use sites like Jisho. I found that works better for me than a paper dictionary


Yeah I’m with @IgorTheGreat on this.

You already bought it so just use it as best you can until you outgrow it.


Yeah, I just covered it with my hand (or a piece of card) when using the sentence for reading practice.

Mostly because it’s really annoying to type.

(Still, better than those who assume it’s “romanji” :stuck_out_tongue: )


Okay, I’ll read a few pages and see if the romaji becomes a big distraction for me. Covering all the romaji does seem like a lot of work, especially for a 700 page dictionary :laughing:


Honestly after 5 years of learning Japanese and living in Japan for over a year, my eyes still automatically lock on to romaji. It really feels like a curse sometimes.


I follow some japanese pages on IG so i get japanese stuff in my explore. A lot of pages will only do romaji because its like super beginners and if I started japanese by looking at that crap I probably would have given up a long time ago. It makes things look so much more difficult and hard to read.


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