Should I be getting as much wrong as I am?

My reviews are sometimes fine (one or two wrong) but sometimes I get the same things wrong again and again. Is that expected? I know I can slow down, re-read, visualise to help with it - dont think I need tips so much as Im curious to see if most others are the same?



This is perfectly normal! Sometimes certain things just don’t stick, no matter how many times you review them.


We all have items like that (leeches) going back to some of the earliest items we learned. They’re leeches because they take up a disproportionate amount of your time and effort if you worry about them too much. Move on, learn what sticks, and let the other items sort themselves in time.


Cool, ok thanks :slight_smile: I had stopped doing lessons to focus on reviews, but that backfired I think… it’s so slow to ramp everything back now.

Is it best to do all lessons as soon as they appear?

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Is it best to do all lessons as soon as they appear?

Well, everyone handles this differently . . . but I’d say if you’re having trouble with a few items in your reviews, it’s better to focus on them first. That way, you can make sure you’re retaining what you learn before moving on to new material.

That’s what I do.

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No this is a bad idea because it leads to large review sessions and those reviews will always be together, which can compound with other large review sessions.

For almost every level before level 50 you can level in about 7 days if you do all your reviews right as they appear. If you are trying to level up quickly you can space your reviews out over 7 days and level up each time with 0-20 reviews or so.

If you are going at your own pace, find a number of lessons that works for you per day or week, whatever you prefer and try to stick to that. Building a routine is the best way to help your mind learn.

If you really want to do all your lessons right as you get them you can, but you may run into days with 500 reviews and if you are not doing your reviews throughout the day and only once or twice, 500 reviews is a lot at one time.


Is that really a bad thing? I have gone to the points were i almost never do all revievs in a day.
Not because i cant, because i dont want to. I intentionally let a few build up so that i have a stock ready
incase i want to binge some.

The usual tips of keeping apprentice count low arent doing it for me.
That leads to low amounts each day and i dont start reviews for just a few dozen items.
I also dont like running out of them. If im in the mood i want to be able to sit down and do a bunch until im done (usually 150-200) instead of having the site tell me there arent any more. That kills my motivation flat.

I agree with what Frankie3 says… be very careful about the number of leeches building. It would be a good idea to put a little extra focus on the wrong items. For me personally, advancing levels between 40 and 60 became immensely difficult because of excessive leeches. Too many leeches at once can make it hard to get on top of it. Personally, I think that WK could be improved with a way to deal with this.


Well, I think it’s timed so that you get reviews when you’re about to forget the item, so that the reinforcement is stronger (theoretically). Not doing reviews on the day they come up could reduce your accuracy and so speed of learning. Everyone’s retention periods will be different, though, so it won’t be super precise.

Also having an every day routine helps in not burning out or forgetting to do it. It’s more important for some and less important for others.

At Level 21 it seems like it’s working for you, though. If I had built up 200 reviews I’d feel a bit helpless, and I think that’s common, so default advise is to go through lessons gradually to ease in as much as possible.


Not sure I follow - you say you can level up in a week to begin with, but I’d not want to do lessons as soon as they appear? Or is that just later?

Sorry Im not getting it - is there a rule of thumb as to what to do at any given time? If I have 20 new lessons and a review of 20, early levels, what’s best? I have a regular slot morning and evening to do WK…

(Why do I get the choice I wonder? Psychologically surely WK should say - time to review this, or time to learn something new?)

Thks again

To me, it’s 正直.。。 I can remember it as many times as i want, the “じき” part always gets mixed up with ちょく…

At max speed, it’s possible to level up in about 7 days. If you do go at that pace, you’ll have a lot of items going into Apprentice, so you’ll have more reviews in a shorter time. If you’re comfortable going at that pace, then by all means do it, but it’s perfectly fine to take longer. If you space out your lessons (I try to do 20 a day) you can still level up fairly quickly. And keep in mind that there’s no specific method that works for everyone. :slightly_smiling_face:
(I really like the Expected Daily Reviews script. It shows how many reviews you can expect per day, so if it’s more than you’re comfortable with, you should wait to do more lessons. [Userscript] Expected Daily Reviews)

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If you want to use WaniKani that way and it works for you, then you should keep doing it, but I think for most users this is not a good method. Especially for people who have limited time to use WaniKani it can feel like a chore to have a huge review session after work if you only use WaniKani 1-2 times a day.

I never followed the rule of keeping apprentice count low. I had a routine where I did 20 lessons every morning and I always had lessons and review to do.

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If you want to level up in a week you just need to do your kanji and radicals when they first appear and then 3 days later do your new kanji. If you want to go this way you can space your reviews out over the week and do some each day in place of one giant lesson session when you first unlock them.

For example if you get 5 radicals and 25 kanji you can do the five radicals and any amount of kanji you want the first day. If you want to do 5 radicals and 15 kanji you can or if you want to do 5 radicals, 10 kanji and 5 vocal you can do that too. As long as you learn all the kanji before you guru the radicals.

After guru for the radicals you unlock new kanji and learn them the next day and fill out the rest of lessons with vocab. You can do this all the way until around level 50, after that you have enough kanji to level up before you guru your radicals.

There is no rule of thumb because everyone uses WaniKani differently but I would say it is better to try and space out your reviews to avoid situations where you have over 50 reviews coming per hour because if you do not do then when they appear the review can get very high very fast.

You get to choose when you do lessons and review because WaniKani works on a system of 12 hours. You learn an item then review 4 and 8 hours later. So if you learn all your lessons at 8 AM before work and then do them at 12 on your lunch break when you come home you can do them at 8. You can use this plan out when you have time and try to fit your reviews and lessons into that time.

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Haha. I mean i really appreciate the help but I really have no idea ! :sob:

Ill improvise until I run into a problem I think…

The daily routine is kinda important, yes.
The question is: What is the routine?

I have somewhat irregular working hours so i do 1 2 or even 3 sessions a day depending on my scedule and mood.
The amount of reviews i do each time varies wildly, can be 40 can be 240, even had some 300s in there.
I want the review to end whenever i go “last 10 now” not whenever i run out.
For me that works better than doing small batches of reviews twice a day like clockwork.
I also dont force myself to do reviews every day. Sometimes i just cant be arsed and go to bed.
Happens. Not a problem.

Yes, that method might not be the most efficient in terms of reviews per whatever.
But its better for my motivation. And thats what counts for something with an outlook of some 2 years
until finished. A few weeks more or less dont matter.

I have 511 reviews right now. Was 600 20hours ago. Did ~150 yesterday.

It comes and goes. Sometimes I am really good and getting right answer after right answer, sometimes I suck on things I should really know well. I’m having a bad week, I’m busy at work and staying up late to watch the Tour de France an fun the fatigue is definitely deleterious to my accuracy.

It’s also worth noting that it takes a while to learn the Wanikani system. Learning is a skill that gets built as well.


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