Share your Favorite Manga

Dorohedoro because it’s grotesque and surreal, but beautiful and generally awesome.
BLAME! for similar reasons


Hunter x Hunter, manga, anime, movies, the old version, the new. Simply adore it.
And Rurouni Kenshin.
Both in English, but read them online. (the anime in Japanese)

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I thought the films were great :grin:


Hooo boy, where to even start…

Urasawa’s stuff gets a blanket recommendation, but I’m particulary fond of 20th Century Boys and Pluto. I just love how he manages to take seemingly absurd premises and take them well beyond what you’d expect them to do.
As for stuff currently running, Beastars is an obvious thing to recommend, but I also have a serious soft spot for Spy X Family and Dr. Stone. I don’t know how one managed to make a spy thriller wholesome, but they did.
For something a little more niche, I recently stumbled upon Team Medical Dragon and Yuureitou. With the former, I’m bummed that the translations just come to a halt in the middle of the final arc, but I guess it won’t be too long until I can fix that little issue. Meanwhile, the latter’s got a couple pacing issues in the first half, but it really pays off in the second and it’s the kind of thing you won’t see done much in general.
Kengan Ashura and it’s sequel series Omega meanwhile are some of the best battle manga you’re gonna get. It’s just a shame the former’s anime looks the way it does.
I’d say Berserk but at this point the series makes me feel like a battered housewife with how irregular new chapters are coming out.

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If I enjoy my reread I might continue it in Japanese instead of English. That’s part of the reason I’m not really buying manga in English anymore, I want to get them in Japanese instead (plus I’m running out of shelf space)

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Me too! They were surprisingly well-made for live-action movies.


Those too :grin:

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Favorite Manga include:

Kaze no Tani no Naushika by Hayao Miyazaki, you may have heard of him… *g

Almost anything by Naoki Urasawa - I just bought the complete Yawara first edition on Monday - yay!

Appleseed by Masamune Shirow

the Munakata books by Hoshino Yukinobu

the Yokai Hunter books by Morohoshi Daijiro

and many more :slight_smile:


I saw it recommended so many times I decided to check it out. It has furigana and I like weird stuff, what could possibly go wrong. So I bought it last week but I just now had a quick look.
There is some messed up stuff going on in these books. It certainly didn’t disappoint but I wasn’t prepared for it either. It’s like Twin Peaks with entrails flying around. I’m not even sure I want to understand more of it than I do now. The dog still needs to go out for her evening walk and I’m genuinely uneasy to go out into the fields at dusk.


Sorry about that! :sweat_smile: Yes, it is really unnerving, freakish stuff! And, yeah, things develops as you get further in the volumes as well (let’s just leave it at that). I was also really affected by Uzumaki, which I though impossible, it being a manga and all. I now know better! (and so do you now! :wink: )

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Now that I’m caught up with it:


No but seriously, Chainsawman is great, albeit not for the faint of heart, or those who don’t like their humor pitchblack or crass.

I always thought One Outs was a comedy anime (haven’t read the manga though).

Have you read the manga in japanese? I actually am a bit undecided whether I should buy them or not as I have heard they are quiet tough, and it seems it would be “madness”, “studpidity” to have them as your first manga. What do you think???

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Let alone simply not recommending it, I would recommend against Tokyo Ghoul as your first manga. Throughout my two years reading manga I’ve tried a few times to read it and have always been rebuffed. Flipping through it today I’m actually surprised to find that I can actually manage.


I have not, just in English. I’ve heard it’s pretty rough so I haven’t seriously thought about looking into reading it in Japanese (yet)

I like the pretty pictures

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Okay, I understand. :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for the advice.

Can you recommend any easy ones???

My go-to beginner recommendation is Flying Witch. You could also check anything the Beginner or Absolute Beginner book clubs have read/are reading.


Flying witch sounds interesting🤔. Thank you

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