Share your Favorite Manga

I always thought One Outs was a comedy anime (haven’t read the manga though).

Have you read the manga in japanese? I actually am a bit undecided whether I should buy them or not as I have heard they are quiet tough, and it seems it would be “madness”, “studpidity” to have them as your first manga. What do you think???

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Let alone simply not recommending it, I would recommend against Tokyo Ghoul as your first manga. Throughout my two years reading manga I’ve tried a few times to read it and have always been rebuffed. Flipping through it today I’m actually surprised to find that I can actually manage.


I have not, just in English. I’ve heard it’s pretty rough so I haven’t seriously thought about looking into reading it in Japanese (yet)

I like the pretty pictures

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Okay, I understand. :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for the advice.

Can you recommend any easy ones???

My go-to beginner recommendation is Flying Witch. You could also check anything the Beginner or Absolute Beginner book clubs have read/are reading.


Flying witch sounds interesting🤔. Thank you

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